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Saturday, January 26, 2013


OK, it is winter and not much happening at Bend of the Rivers Condo, mondo condo, that is.  However, like a challenged writer, I have discovered some mundane stuff to post.  How is that for an exciting intro.  Below is a natural method of locating water.  The Technical Expert with Kenergy is using an age old method for locating the buried water line.

Looking for water is an important job.  The instrument in his hand is only 2 pieces of copper tubing. As he approached the area the tubing split indicating the water line.  Not bad for the 1800's method.  Well, they degan to dig, dig and dig.

Now this is not the first, first hole dug. But the first hole I took a picture.  The Kenergy folks were working to get my power back to the BLC (best little condo), where we can enjoy the fire and a good weekend.  Well, being an older development, nobody really knows where the lines are buried.  Jimmy Hoffa may be there. 
Well they dug some more, in a different location.  I was available for assistance but the backhoe was faster. 
 Everyone around here wants a lake view. Well, they are digging with the view.  The Kenergy crew proceeded to the transformer in search of the line break.  I did acuse them of looking for Hoffa but they assured me he was buried under the nearby tennis court.  RIGHT. 

Well, do not tell anyone, but Hoffa was found.  Seems he was electrocuted while trying to rig the transformer to power his cell phone.  Anyway, they did excavate under the transformer but did not discover the broken line.  After much discussion, they decided to consult the engineers on Monday(this is Saturday) to consider replacing all lines to the building. To their credit and our comfort, they did rig power to our unit for the weekend.  Well, back to the fireplace.
I follow a blog published by a Canadian acquaintance at Green Turtle Bay Marina.  He is cruising the ICW (intercoastal waterway) doing the Loop.  Well, he anchored in a bay off the ICW and awoke to this situation.  He had 6 ft. of water upon anchoring but the tide did go out. Bit of a rude awaking. But after 8 hrs. and more water he did manage to move the boat.

Well, would you trust a cat in pajamas?  He seems to be searching for a new boat.   This was captured prior to invention of the internet, by Al Gore.   During his search for a boat many were discovered.  However, a sailboat was his heart's desire.  Money is a problem after trusting Ernie Madoff with investments.  Below is the only boat Mr. Cat could afford.
Please excuse that is is resting in the mudd.  This is a project boat for anyone willing to tackle the project.  Just needs a bit of rehab. But with a little work it could look like this;
OK, the boat did undergo some transformation along the way. I just love to have 6 best friends to hangout on the rail. As you can read I do have a vivid amount of imagination. 
Well Happy sailing all,
Captn. Barry, Adm. Denise, Sailors Bella and Bailey.

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