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Saturday, January 5, 2013


Well, here we sit.  We are wintering in the Lake Barkley Condo, watching the wood fire and longing for boating weather.  The lake is a bit gray this time of year but offers at least a water view. 

To get out and about today, we visited a winery in the area.  The Eddy Grove Winery is located near Princeton, KY.  Formally known as the Black Oak Winery, but had to change name of wine to Medicine Man Wines due to a conflict in names with a winery in California.  They should have told that left bank winery to shove the bottles, but lawsuits would have ensued. 

Above photos show the winery(1st. photo) and the winery owner's home.  Must be some $$ in the wine business.  Actually, the owners are husband and wife doctors who purchased the property because they love wine and the life style associated with making of wine. Me, I just love the drinking of the stuff.  Simple, right.

In cruising the waters we encounter a number of unique T-shirts. However, I found a new entry into the dry T-shirt contest.  Someday I will embark on the wet T-shire contest but not brave enough as yet.  The following entry was offered by cruising blog we follow;
The shirt reads " fish naked, it adds color to your cheeks"! My kind of shirt.
Well, we cannot all have our wishes.  Can you see that I am suffering some winter blah's already.  Next week is predicted to be in the 50's.  I may plan a water skiing adventure.  I know, nude- naked water skiing. Now that is a plan.  I will make an effort to provide video for the blog entry. Who needs a wet T-shirt?  
Well, that is the most interesting portion of our day.  A good escape from the roaring fire at the condo and a good visit to a local winery. We will see you on the water.
Happy Sailing,
Capt. Barry, Adm. Denise, Sailors Bella and Bailey

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