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Thursday, March 29, 2012


The great move has arrived. After many weeks of searching, negotiations and awaiting seller to move, we have gained possession of the Bend of the Rivers Condo. We camped in the condo last Sunday evening with only some sheets and bedding,pizza and two dogs. But I must admit all had fun and we have made the right choice. Now that we possess 4 locations, you know, standard house, motor home, trawler and condo we will eventually know which of the sites will survive. It is eerily quiet on this Thursay evening. We do not have the standard TV noise and the development is very quiet. While I continue my homemaking chores, you know, walking the dogs, doing laundry (why did we need to wash new towels) and start moving the necessities into their propery place. Denise has a REAL job therefore, I have to take up the slack. Not that I mind for my view of Lake Barkley is excellent. I feel I must buy a spotter scope for a closer view as the summer boats cruise by. You never know who you might see. I have not continued my medical update since my latest ranting about being forgotten by a doctor while detained at St. Mary's Hospital. However, it seems things were happening to the ole time clock(heart). Since my latest rant I have experience my first heart cath and resulting stint to open a blocked artery. When your doctor utters "uth ooh" during the cath it gives one pause. Seems I had a 95% blockage of one artery, just escaping the heart attack. Go doctor. Doctor inserted a new "straw" in the squeezed portion of the artery and I am good to go. Going is a bit slow but I did manage getting to the Mondo Condo. I would recommend a heart cath to all for you get a really good look at that very important muscle. Mine looked like the rat on a cage wheel but who cares it was working. Enough about the meds, we can compare scares and treatments at a later date.
Above is a typical spring sunrise over Lake Barkley. I never get tired of the beauty of the early morning here. I can truly say I am one lucky man to be able to enjoy the Kentucky sunrise and sets from a boat, motor home and now condo. Maybe a plane would be next and I am trying to talk Denise into flying lessons. I will volunteer to be the SECOND passenger! Bailey and Bella are learning their way around the condo and Bend of the Rivers Development. Daily deposits are being made for all to enjoy. Unfortunately I am the Poop patrol around these parts. I sure do spend a great deal of time watching dogs mark their territory. I wonder if some of my new neighbors do the same. Oh well!!!! I suppose I should stop there, another glass of wine (2 only) might give way to more risky verbage. Nite all. Remember, Life is short,there is plenty of time to Sleep. Barry, Denise, Bailey and Bella

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Searching for an escape route

Searching for an escape route along the caverns of St. Mary's. After dark I can follow the bread crumbs along the empty halls to my eventual escape. I keep reminding myself that my condition, whatever it may be, needs to be corrected for we have many plans for spring and summer. Hospital stay unless you are very ill, is like the military, HURRY UP AND WAIT! the waiting is not my cup of tea. I have watched more B-Ball the past 2 days than in the past 10 years. It is 9:15 PM my saga at St. Mary's continues. The best description is "GROUND HOG DAY" all over again! We have waited many hours yesterday after my procedure to even see a doctor. I was retained over night due to some rythm problems with the ticker. That is understandable and appreciated. However, after another unplanned stay, we waited 7 yrs. for a test which was completed in my room in 30 min. Waited another number of hours from some Dr. to visit and release me only to be told the good doctor has left the building and has not read the test results. My views will be voice as loud as possible tomorrow to my admitting doctor and any administation staff I can find. This lack of respect by the doctors brings socialized medicine to mind. The doctors I am dealing with do not seem to feel my time is as valuable to me as their time is to them. Wasting 2 days in a hospital room waiting on non-communicative doctors is just not acceptable. My nurse staff was WONDERFUL. They have made every effort to help me and Denise during our frustrating stay.
The above nurses and others on my floor are the best. They gave me all the attention I could want, helped with any need and made me feel that they were interested in my well being. They work 12 hr. shifts with many demands not only from patients but doctors and visitors. While my stay at St. Mary's was not satisfactory from the doctors attention, the staff must be complimented. I have voiced this opinion via emails to various departments at St. Mary's. I suppose I have too much time on my hands, thanks to non-responsive doctors. I must apologize to all my readers. I do not usually post on a serious note, but a blog is a good tool to vent and vent I have. I hope not to need to bore anyone again with this matter. See you on the water or road; Barry, Denise, Bailey and Bella.


I am being reminded that I am not invulnerable. You know, the knee replacement and now the heart thing. It seems I have atrial flutter meaning my upper chamber races along at 130-150 bpm. I just thought I was excited to see my lovely wife, Denise.

Well the Dr's think I need to be perfect, thought I was, and suggested a treatment called ablation. The procedure required insertion of a catheter in the heart to ablat the circuits firing rapidly, causing the rapid heart rate. I being the impatient patient, lying on the back for 3-4 hrs. after the procedure (1-2 hrs)is more than enough to drive me up any wall. The procedure was near painless. After spending a wonderful evening in the hospital I now await the appearance of a Dr. to release me. Sitting and lying around with my tail feathers exposed is not my idea of a good Saturday afternoon. One cannot leave without the warden's release. I keep getting prommises from the fair nurses that he will be by soon but soon has not arrived. YUCK!

Luck continues BAD! Dr. was going to release me but found some V Tach in my chart you know that heart thing. Will not release me without an echogram Tomorrow. Seems this kind of thing can kill. Oh well, just another day in the captive conditions of St. Mary's. While I disagree on some ways they run a hospital, the staff has been so very helpful, courteous and funny at times. I am currently awaiting my echogram event and then most likely more hours awaiting the Dr. again. I would wager they do not serve gram crackers during the procedure.
YEP, the picture here is my doctor who treated me with the heart ablation. Seems quite competent and well recommended by my cardiologist. Strange to say that. I have never been confronted with a health issue I could not treat with selective treatment. You know, where I am in control. I suppose this experience may increase my level of patience, maybe. I do like being in control but the heart has an agenda of its own.

Well the saga will continue, I am sure.
As I read my other daily blogs I am envious of their exploring the southwest desert, waters around Florida, full time RV living and others. Hopefully, I will be amount those folks soon.

Good Day and may the FORCE be with you.

Barry, Denise, Bailey and Bella

Saturday, March 17, 2012


Now most of you know we recently purchased a condo at Lake Barkley.  We did agree with the seller that she could take 30 days to vacant but is paying rent.  BUT, we want to move in now.  Patience is not my strong  asset and I an dying to enjoy the view and lake since the winter is almost over.  March can surprise us all but I am optomistic.

I do have an agreement with my Albin guy to help me summerize the boat and prepare for the cruising season.  I have worked on the Phaeton in readying to roll.  Now, waiting on the lake property is just dull.
I envision many days at the condo, watching the sun set, boats cruising by and the Pub friends helping to ease into the evening.  The view of the Pub is best in the development along with the newly renovated pool.  Yep!  I will be lounging at the pool trying not to block out the sun for the worshipers in the area. I even volunteered for some committee work and the development.  The old adage comes to mind "be careful what you wish for"  or "no good deed goes unpunished".  Sound familiar? 

I hope my spouse, Denise, likes to commute for this is the new location when not traveling. 

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Beginnings of a New Fun Season

I find myself a bit nostalgic at times.  No Not Me!  We have summerized the "0 Regrets" and serviced all the necessary parts in readiness for the fun fulled and exciting boating, camping, travel season awaiting us.  I spent all day Friday in and out of the engine compartment with the most knowledgeable Albin man in the area.  He is teaching me the systems of our trusty boat, I just hope I am learning the same.  The number of valves that do this and that are many.  One wrong turn and we could ruin an engine or other parts.  I think I can change the oil, clean the air filter, change the fuel filter and maybe service the generator.  As far as winterizing I remain a bit lost.  But fortunately that last or waits till this coming fall.

Many of our new friends have returned to the pier 7.  We were new last fall but everyone welcomed us with open arms, boating help and any tool I needed or thought I needed.  Even our dogs, Bailey and Bella were received well.  This was challenged when Bailey dropped a pile on the dock but all was OK when washed  away with the trusty hose.  Bella has managed to not fall into the lake and Bailey has managed this trick twice last fall.  We are on guard for a repeat this season.  We continue to update our little boat with new cutty mattresses for better sleeping comfort.  A paint job for the hull is under discussion.  This is a major undertaking and expense.  Fortunately I have a trained boatman who is willing to let me help and we may tackle the hull painting together. 

Denise & I spent the day cruising the Land Between the Lakes again as we seem to discover another road to travel.  We visited Canal Campground (COE Park) in hope to see some of our campground friends.  The campground will open at end of March and we will return with the motorhome.  The Phaeton is ready for travel. 

We continue,yet restless, to gain occupancy of the new condo at Bend of the Rivers.  We cruised the development again today and talked with two owners.  We have 2 more weeks in our agreement with the seller in which to vacate.  We learned today she would like more time and we are not in favor.  We shall see.  Hard to evict someone with the current laws.  We envision a summer with motor home travel, boat cruising and many nights anchored under the stars.  The condo will give us a land base when we chose not to cruise.  The next major step will be selling the "big house" and relocating the the Lakes area.  We will commute for a while and see what happens. 

Our home base has become Green Turtle Bay and Grand Rivers, KY