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Saturday, March 17, 2012


Now most of you know we recently purchased a condo at Lake Barkley.  We did agree with the seller that she could take 30 days to vacant but is paying rent.  BUT, we want to move in now.  Patience is not my strong  asset and I an dying to enjoy the view and lake since the winter is almost over.  March can surprise us all but I am optomistic.

I do have an agreement with my Albin guy to help me summerize the boat and prepare for the cruising season.  I have worked on the Phaeton in readying to roll.  Now, waiting on the lake property is just dull.
I envision many days at the condo, watching the sun set, boats cruising by and the Pub friends helping to ease into the evening.  The view of the Pub is best in the development along with the newly renovated pool.  Yep!  I will be lounging at the pool trying not to block out the sun for the worshipers in the area. I even volunteered for some committee work and the development.  The old adage comes to mind "be careful what you wish for"  or "no good deed goes unpunished".  Sound familiar? 

I hope my spouse, Denise, likes to commute for this is the new location when not traveling. 

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  1. Sounds like your plan for summer fun is coming together.... enjoy and take lots of pics....and share them