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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Nina and Pinta

We travel the US and experience many places and people. But imagine traveling 4,000 miles of the Atlantic Ocean in a 65 ft. ship with all your possessions and the unknown world ahead. The Nina and Pinta were docked at Green Turtle Bay this weekend. The Nina is 100% scale of the original ship and the Pinta is 200% scale. Extremely small for such a crossing.

I snook a look via kayak on Thursday night! Paddled across 2 bays and had a good visit with Constance aboard the Nina. So much fun. In fact, Denise and I took the tour of the ships on Saturday to get the full view. The crew was wonderful, explaining all parts of the ships and their sailing schedule. Constance was our friend and gave us a great tour of the Nina. I am over whelmed by the history of the ships.

Now, the unusual. I have volunteered for a crew position aboard each ship. I can crew for 4-6 weeks and experience the sailing of these ancient vessels. Denise has encouraged this adventure and if I can gain a berth I am on my way. We did meet Capt. Kyle on the Nina and he encouraged me. He explained He enjoyed his whiskey and I promised to provide Kentucky's best, Woodford Reserve upon my arrival as part of the crew. So, we will see. I applied today and hope to catch the ships at Huntsville, AL. You just never know when a berth will be available.

It appears that the best shot at a berth is if you are a Cook. Well, I am adapt with crock pots, and grills. Constance encouraged me to be a cook. I did ask Capt. Kyle if the crew got their daily allowance of "grog". He answered the are sailors. So, I promised to provide Kentucky's best bourbon, Woodford Reserve. He mentioned they do not drink while working, but the are "sailors". Sounds good to me.

Look for the Nina and Pinta in your area along the Tennessee River. If you spy a slightly drunk sailor with a few years on his head, that might be me.

Have fun, Happy Trails,

Barry Denise, Bailey and Bella

Canal Arrival

The Canal Campground (COE) Park in our home base. After traversing Missouri and the Current River, I arrived back at Canal. WOW!. The dogs and I are glad to be back in Kentucky. The worst roads were at western Kentucky crossing the Ohio River. The Narrow bridges really puckered the rear. Of course I met 18 wheelers on each bridge. Why they travel these narrow 2 lane roads I will never understand.

Rolling into Canal was like home. The hosts are friends and welcomed the dogs and I like we belonged there. Denise came down the following day and we had a wonderful weekend. I keep mentioning to all readers, Denise is a charm around my neck and puts up with my travel wonder lust. It is good to be back in KY but my heart is in the northwest. We had a high of 80 deg. on our trip and when I hit KY with over 89 Deg. I knew we were home.

Happy Trails, all

Barry, Denise, Bailey and Bella

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The CurrentRriver

After another day of driving, we determined to see the Current River. My Kentucky horse friends recommended the river and I may have time to kayak. The "girls" Bailey and Bella will have to stay at home. The drive was uneventful until I left Highway 60 at Van Buren, MO. Now I was not prepared for the climb up to the Yogi Bear Campground. Having called in advance, the owner indicated a 50 amp site was available. However, upon my arrival I attempted to back into the site. Yuck!! My rear jacks were dragging on the concrete pad. This was due to the severe slop up from the drive. Not wanting to damage the jacks, I opted for a 30 amp site nearby and moved. Not a problem.

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Next was my plan to paddle a portion of the Current River. I enlisted the cooperation of a campground staffer to lead me to the town ramp in Van Buren and leave my vehicle for the return trip to Yogi. She was experienced in all kayaking and returned me to the campground and my kayak. I put in at the campground gravel/dirt ramp and floated away.

My expedition down the Current was wonderful. The river has a good steady current but you can exit the current and just drift or remain still. Just a few riffles were found in the 1.5 hours and 3 beers I drifted. I did encounter two small groups tubing the river. The river is busy during the weekend but quiet during the week. The little town of Van Buren did have a couple of eateries but I opted to dine with my girls.

Tomorrow is planned for the Trip to Grand Rivers, KY and the Canal Campground, our weekend home. That should continue to be an adventure.

Happy Trails,

Denise, Barry, Bailey and Bella.