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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Scratching the Travel Itch

Our most recent adventure involved the motor home cruising south to Savannah, Ga, Hilton Head, SC., Charleston, SC and Asheville, NC. A cruise of 1,700 plus miles reawaking the motor home travel after 6 long months in the barn. After changing course at the last minute, we landed at the Hilton Harbor RV Resort, Hilton Head, SC. The RV resort adjoins a small marina situated along the Intercoastal Waterway (ICW) at the northern end of Hilton Head Island. We extended out stay here by 2 days just to relax and enjoy the location. We watched a wide variety of boats cruise the ICW each day with an amazing tour of a 55 ft. Fleming trawler, $2 million and up. I was astounded to witness the 9 ft. manatee sipping the fresh water and the marina. It seems they stop by quite often for the owner to give them a drink. Just like puppies. We traveled by car to Tybee Island for a day trip. Not much there but did view the lighthouse and beach. Stopped by a local eatery for fried shrimp and scollops. YUM! Open air seating and we were entertained by the conversation of the two cooks. They did sound like Cheech and Chong. Baskets full of the local shrimp with hush puppies etc. Also, they had the best "cold" beer in town. We journeyed the next day down to Savannah via boat aboard the Spirit of Hilton Head. We do recommend the boat trip. Toured down about 1.5 hrs. to tie up in downtown Savannah. I suggest taking the trolley tour for 90 minutes to get a feel for the area and what portions you want to explore. We just strolled the riverfront after the trolley tour and found a cool beverage prior to boarding the boat for the return trip. The above boat is over 100 ft. and is the largest sailboat I have ever encountered. The crew was busy cleaning as we docked just past and along side the seawall. Funny, I did not see a trailer for this thing nearby. We did make a trip as required to the Sea Pines Plantation, Harbor Town area. This is the location of the candy stripped lighthouse and marina. The Harbor Town Golf Course has the Heritage Classic PGA Golf tournemant each year and the view from the lighthouse is the 18th hole. Deemed one of the most difficult finishing holes in golf. We enjoyed another meal, seafood of course at the Crazy Crab Shack. They provide enough in a meal to feed a family of 4 and 2 dogs. We did out best to entertain everyone trying to belch and squirm out way out of the facility. As the above pic will indicate, the tide was out and the boat was in the muck. The boat was tied up to a dock which was also in the mud, having collapsed in time past. I asked the waitress if they would sell me the boat, but she indicated that it had not moved in the past 9 years. I think this must have been the famous Gump boat, "Jenny". The journey wil continue on to Charleston from Savannah. We have a Fam-Damnly meeting there along Folly Beach. We plan to stay at James Island County Park which came highly recommended by all. Have fun and may the wind be at your back. Barry, Denise, Bailey and Bella

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Cruising UpDate While it has been some weeks since my last post, we have not been idle. The Spring months have been quite busy enjoying our new condo, boat travel and not a motorhome cruise to Hilton Head and Charleston. I just never tire of viewing our little Albin from the water. We have a number of photos from dockside but I finally got the dingy in the water and tried my hand at the tiller. We have plans for the Albin with a hull painting this fall and next fall a painting of the cabin. She will be years younger after the boat "lift". Cruising plans include many trips up the Tennessee River (KY Lake) and possible a trip to Nashville, TN along the Cumberland(Barkley Lake). The water level on Barkley Lake has been below summer pool lately making entry into bays more difficult. Hopefully, the next few weeks the level will improve and we will feel more confident along these shores. The big cruise this year is the Tennessee River over a 2 week cruise. The range will be determined by how many marinas we visit and other ports along the way. I think we can cruise to Pickwick Lake or further in the might Albin. This will be a good test of our locking and docking abilities. Also, a test of the close quarters we will have along the eventual Great Loop cruise. You just nevel know who or what you will encounter on the right side of the water. We were anchored in Ewe Bay on Kentucky Lake this morning when a strange boat entered the bay. After a close inspection, the sign on the side was viewed and the Garmin Survey Boat was mapping our area. I always thought this was accomplished via satelite. We of course hailed the boat and they were kind enough to toss 2 Garmin Caps to us. The mapping will required 2-3 years to complete and produce the next chip for the chartwriter. The trail of boats along the Tennessee River is never ending or boring. We are currently in Charleston, SC visiting family and a short tour of the city, old city I should say scheduled for today and evening. Time is a bit short, I will catch up the blog in coming days recaping our stay in Hilton Head, SC. May you have a following wind, Barry, Denise, Bailey and Bella