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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Leaping from the Dock

As we prepare for the Tennessee River Cruise of 2013, we leap from the dock to the 0 Regrets.  As we have cruised the river from last fall, we encountered many unique cruising friends along the river. We have been encouraged by these friends in the past years.  See the following blog.

This couple have cruised for years via a trawler and now a trailerable trawler.  They were kind enough to wait on us to raft up for a shore visit.  They were anchored in the quiet cove of Lick Creek.  While their boat is only about 26 ft. we continued to raft up for a rainy visit.  My trusty deck hands were available for assistance. 

Now the girls are always ready for assistance but primarily find the FOOD.  They were good in the raft up but were not allowed to board the rafted trawler.  No question here. They cannot drive. 
We continue to visit with the Favors for they are famous in the blog world of trawler life.  They are more than accomodating and friends to the "girls". 
Ok we did manage to raft up without taking parts of the Favors boat out.  We are proud of our yacht club windbreakers which are dry a warm.  Our Albin 36 responds well and affords us a great cruise yacht for the 4 of us.  Come aboard anytime for an eventful cruise.  But, all deck hands must "rub" teak to earn their keep. Remember "the drinking will continue until morale improves".
Sail away,
Adm. Denise, Capt. Barry and deckhands Bella and Bailey 


Captain's Log:

03/23/2013:  Preparing for the first cruise of 2013 has been and continues to be FUN!  I know, work, work, work but I continue to learn more about our little ship "0 Regrets".  I have to help of an excellent mechanic with over 40 yr. experience.  Reed is the kinda feller that when asked a questions he talks straight, slow and softly but you had better listen.  Our little ship is in good condition but annual maintenance is a must prior to sailing. 

In preparation we heeded advice from our mechanic and others to run the boat and push it to full speed for several minutes at max RPM's, listen and look.  Well, Adm. Denise took the helm while I played mechanic and pushed the speed to an incredible 10 MPH.  Now tht is max speed for 0 Regrest with over 2,500 RPM.  We typically cruise at 1,600 RPM's at about 7.5 MPH.  Well, I am happy to say the little diesel engine ran smoothly, not blowing any hoses and all looked and sounded smooth.  No clunks or warnings.  I had to hold Adm. Denise back for she wanted to do "donuts" in the lake, scaring all the wildlife and migrating whales.  My readers did not know whales have migrated to Kentucky Lake!

Sorry for the poor quality, the Adm. was drinking.  The chair is quite comforable releaving the Captain from the arduous and physically demand task of standing while driving.  Of course, AUTO PILOT is a great feature, better than cruise control. 

The fly bridge is enclosed with ison glass and canvas, which made the day comfortable at 52 degrees on the exterior.  The enclosed bridge will be our home during the cruising hours of the upcoming Spring Pirate Cruise. 

I have a number of boat projects for this summer but my new "pirates" have do complete some deckhand work along the cruise.  Afterall, no good trip goes unpunished.  We have an abundance of teak on the interior which needs oiling each season.  Therefore, my pirates will be handed teak oil with rags, one to oil the other to wipe.  Not a difficult job but a little time consuming.  Afterall, each day cruise will be 8-10 hrs. and 2-3 hrs. will be needed to rub teak.
Of courese, I have not discussed this with the crew, for they have no choice in the matter. "Trust Me, I am the Captain"! 
The above sign was found at our local, famous BBQ joint, Koth's BBQ.  They do serve excellent pig and always with a smile. The wall is covered with these pearls of wisdom.  I would appreciate the above opportunity if any reader would like to provide the funds.  After all, cruising is no free and requires a $$ committment. 
Well, must end this blog post.  Planning the cruise on the Tennessee and will be posting to the Captain's Log each day.
Fair winds, following seas and good drink
Adm. Denise, Capt. Barry and deckhands Bella and Bailey

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sneaking up on Spring

Wishing I had made an effort to collect some pics yesterday while out and about.  We just got excited about 70 deg. weather (21 Celsius) FOR ALL OUT INTERNATIONAL FRIENDS.

Since the first cruise of the season is only 2 weeks away, YEAH!, We made a journey to "0 Regrets" to install the new captain's chair.  Yep, I is the Captain.  It will be great to have a comfy seat instead of the wooden bench during a long day of cruising.  We plan to cruise about 240 miles on this cruise and that equates to over 30 hrs. cruise time. 

NOW FOR THE CRUISE PLANS.  I have invited my good friend Joe along with his 15 yr old son, Noah and his friend Douglas (Dougie) to to cruise the Tennessee River.  You may recall, last year about this time Joe had open heart surgery and I later completed a short cruise with the same crew.  Now, this will be a week cruise.  I have monitored the mechanical systems of the 0 Regrets in an effort to not become a Carnival Cruise Liner with bagged poo. 

In preparation of the cruise I have installed the Kentucky State Flag on the mast. 

 The deckhands are planning to install the "jolly roger" flag prior to shoving off April 1. 
I just hope we do not encounter any REAL pirates along the river.  We usually find some river Rats but maybe the pirates will just stay in port and pillage.   These two, 15 yr old have vivid imaginations so I do expect some pirate sightings.  I do not see pirates until that 2nd bottle of wine.  DO NOT TELL THE PIRATES!!!

As my readers may know, I like to hang around the fuel and transient docks at Green Turtle Bay.  You just never know what or who you will see.  Well, they have a new deck or dock dog. He seemed to be on guard but was lounging on the couch.  I do not think he was on the JOB.
WWell He does seem awake, barely.
I have forgotten his name but his head is larger than some small dogs.  He is really a sweetie and would not even get off the couch except for food. 
I will introduce Bailey to him when we begin our cruise.  They will romp around the dock.  Yes, Bailey will be my 1st. mate on the Spring Cruise, keeping those deck hands in line.  I plan for her to sleep with the boys due to her gift of passing "gas".  You know, boys seem to like that kind of entertainment. 
We never know what we will encounter. After enjoying a good mexican lunch we just had to visit Walmart.  Right there in the parking lot was the "Fish POlice".  I captured this photo under the view of the police.  We wanted to ask if he was measuring the fish but I am not sure if there is a limit in the Walmart parking lot.  Maybe he just wanted to run the blue lights.  After all, It was near lunch time.
Sail away,
Capt Barry, Adm. Denise, deckhands Bella and Bailey