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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Leaping from the Dock

As we prepare for the Tennessee River Cruise of 2013, we leap from the dock to the 0 Regrets.  As we have cruised the river from last fall, we encountered many unique cruising friends along the river. We have been encouraged by these friends in the past years.  See the following blog.

This couple have cruised for years via a trawler and now a trailerable trawler.  They were kind enough to wait on us to raft up for a shore visit.  They were anchored in the quiet cove of Lick Creek.  While their boat is only about 26 ft. we continued to raft up for a rainy visit.  My trusty deck hands were available for assistance. 

Now the girls are always ready for assistance but primarily find the FOOD.  They were good in the raft up but were not allowed to board the rafted trawler.  No question here. They cannot drive. 
We continue to visit with the Favors for they are famous in the blog world of trawler life.  They are more than accomodating and friends to the "girls". 
Ok we did manage to raft up without taking parts of the Favors boat out.  We are proud of our yacht club windbreakers which are dry a warm.  Our Albin 36 responds well and affords us a great cruise yacht for the 4 of us.  Come aboard anytime for an eventful cruise.  But, all deck hands must "rub" teak to earn their keep. Remember "the drinking will continue until morale improves".
Sail away,
Adm. Denise, Capt. Barry and deckhands Bella and Bailey 

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  1. I'm enjoying following your blog. I've never been on a (don't know if you call it a boat or a ship) like this but I am learning from your writings. Would love to see some inside pictures of your home on the water.