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Monday, April 1, 2013


The Spring Cruise begins:

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Captain's Log: Day-1,  March 31, 2013:We are provisioning our "ship" for the cruise of the next week.  Now, a good deal of this provisioning involves sufficient food and drink for the two 15 yr. old boys who are our deckhands.  Our deck box is full with drink for the adult officers of this ship.  Bailey has seen sure she has sufficient dog chow to keep her alert and ready for her duties. 

Hands were presented with Cruise shirts specially designed by Adm. Denise.  We feel these shirts will continue to be our gift to all future cruisers who accompany us on our cruises.  I am sure the motto will change dependent upon the destination and guests. 

The engine roars, lines are loosed and with a gentle motion our ship pulls from the dock to begin this journey.  The weather seems to change every hour, typical of Spring in Kentucky. However, the lake elevation has increased in recent days providing us with 1-2 ft. additional depth in the lake and river.   With Spring comes floods at times and the Corp of Engineers is in control of the river system.   Fog is always a concern in the mornings.  Our trusty radar will be watching ahead until the fog lifts.  When the fog engulfs you while water born, one watches carefully for the red, flashing bow light of a tow boat.  They seldom use their fog horn.  Good thing we will have extra eyes from the young deck hands.

Well due to low connectivity with internet, I must shorten this post as pics will not download. We have begun our cruise and will update as internet permits. 

Happy sailing,

Captn. Barry, 1st. mate Bailey, and deck hands Joe, Buck and Cub.

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  1. I have been waiting for your posts with great anticipation and wasn't disappointed! This sounds like it is going to be a great trip. Looking forward to the next post.