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Friday, April 19, 2013


Captain's Log: Day 6

Planning to set sail from Clifton Marina in the am. upon my 6:30 am rising, I discovered significant fog on the river. Now, we could cruise in the fog using radar, but with many bends in the river and large tow boats, I decided to wait for sun and less fog.  As part of the wait, I planned to let the Crew sleep-in.  NOT!.  I did consider staying another day at Clifton letting the rain stop. I consulted Joe and it was his decision to brave the cold, wet rain and proceed down river.  So blame Joe.
I could not resist a picture of this little confederate girl captured in the Shiloh Museum.  Her parents were good enough to give me permission.  What a smile.

The smiling crew of the 0 Regrets pose for you all.  Bailey is the one with the bandanna.  Of course the Captain is kneeling next to Bailey.  We just had to take another picture of the crew prior to setting sail from Clifton Marina on this rainy day.  We will make good time downriver at about 9 mph. 

View ...Spring Cruise 2013 in a larger map

The above map includes our last stop at Paris Landing Marina after another stop at Pebble Creek Marina on the down river portion of the cruise.  The below sailboat was encountered at the Paris landing Marina.

Noah just fell in love with this sailboat. It is owned by a professor at a Memphis Medical School and seems to be a project boat.  We saw this boat last fall and it has been transformed into a beauty.  Now, Noah is ready for a larger boat with an engine. 
The above boat is quite unique. The owner came by 0 Regrets to view our boat as an Albin Trawler is not a common boat in our area. This boat was a "work" boat on the east coast of Florida. Seems the owners used a net to fish their way to Bimini, Bahamas, selling fish there and then doing the same on the return to Florida. The current owner has completely restored the boat with mahogany interior finish.  We always enjoy discovering new boats and are proud of our little Albin.
We plan to sail more this year and will keep everyone up on our cruise schedule.
Happy Sailing, Adm. Denise, Capt. Barry and deck hands Bella and Bailey.

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