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Tuesday, April 30, 2013


We have pulled into our site with waterfront view of the Intercoastal Waterway on Perdido Key.  What a great view. We are not floating but as near the water as possible in a land yacht.  That is Not our boat in the foreground.  We are facing the ICW with a great view of all the varied boats transitioning the area.    
The above is the view looking west along the ICW from front of the motorhome. We have that little beach which is nice and great to relax.  We are a bit past our beach baking days so the water view and constantly changing boats is perfect for use.
After an easy morning we decided to explore the island. Everyone suggested we visit FloraBama bar or Roadhouse.
It seems the FloraBama is famous for the annual "Mullet Toss" contest. We unfortunately were one day late for the weekend event which attracts some 20,000 fish heads.
It seems the object of the contest is to fold up a 1 lb. mullet(fish) and hurl it across the Florida, Alabama state line. The roadhouse straddles the line therefore,the event.
We have reliable information that the above contestant did not win the t-shirt contest but was overcome with joy at managing to sleep thru the event.  I think they rolled him out of the above truck just to help the fish smell better. 
We ordered a copious amount of food with our favorite beers while siting at one of many bars in the FloraBama. While driving here we noticed a young man hitching along Highway 20 with a sign reading "I Love Coffee".  Well he was sitting across the small bar from us with his backpack.  I am never shy so I inquired about his coffee and hitching. He is traveling to New Orleans for the jazz fest and started his travels in upstage New York 7 weeks ago. He is couch surfing, camping and generally bumming around. Plans to move to Colorado for school completion. Well, I got his picture, he is on the left, I cut my long hair recently. His name is Thaddeus and is enjoying the free life.  You just never know who one will meet along the road and rivers. 
Our first full day on Perdido Key was enjoyed and we capped the day with our favorite wines while watching boats and the setting sun along the ICW.  One day our boat "0 Regrets" will be docked here and we can once again enjoy Perdido Key.
Happy Sailing, Capt. Barry, Adm. Denise and Deckhands Bella and Bailey.

Saturday, April 27, 2013


We have begun the spring Land Cruise.  After completing a week on the Tennessee River, we have transitioned to land cruising aboard the Phaeton. 
The Phaeton has all the comforts of home with more room than 0 Regrets and exceptional amenities.  I have tried to figure out a rudder assembly for the Phaeton but mounting the prop seems to be the problem. 
We are proceeding to Perdido Key for a week stay along the Inter Coastal Waterway (ICW). This portion of the ICW will be our start along the Great Loop Route after existing Mobile Bay. 

View Larger Map
The above map gives some indication of the waterway and our proximity to marinas and all things to do in the area.  We are currently "anchored" in Montgomery, AL. just off I-65.  We have stopped here 2 prior occasions and find it an easy on and off and meets our needs for an overnight stay.  Walking distance to restaurants etc.  We departed Nashville, TN. this am amidst the opening of the heavens with more rain that seen in the Vietnam monsoon season.  Believe me, driving around Nashville pulling our Lexus with the entire rig about 55ft. long is not a lark.  Good thing the traffic moved over for us. 
This is a photo from my childhood. Somehow Denise found this pic in an attempt to embarrass the Captain.

Our travel distance tomorrow is only 171 miles with the landing or docking at the Perdido Cove RV Resort.  We have been assured the fish are biting, sun will shine and all things will be right.  Yep, that is me landing the big one.  

Well that is enough teasing for tonight!  We will weigh anchor early, about 10am. when Denise FINALLY steps out of the cabin.  More fun to report from Perdido Key in the coming days, Alert the Press.

Happy sailing,
Capt. Barry, Adm. Denise, deckhands Bailey and Bella. 


Friday, April 19, 2013


Captain's Log: Day 6

Planning to set sail from Clifton Marina in the am. upon my 6:30 am rising, I discovered significant fog on the river. Now, we could cruise in the fog using radar, but with many bends in the river and large tow boats, I decided to wait for sun and less fog.  As part of the wait, I planned to let the Crew sleep-in.  NOT!.  I did consider staying another day at Clifton letting the rain stop. I consulted Joe and it was his decision to brave the cold, wet rain and proceed down river.  So blame Joe.
I could not resist a picture of this little confederate girl captured in the Shiloh Museum.  Her parents were good enough to give me permission.  What a smile.

The smiling crew of the 0 Regrets pose for you all.  Bailey is the one with the bandanna.  Of course the Captain is kneeling next to Bailey.  We just had to take another picture of the crew prior to setting sail from Clifton Marina on this rainy day.  We will make good time downriver at about 9 mph. 

View ...Spring Cruise 2013 in a larger map

The above map includes our last stop at Paris Landing Marina after another stop at Pebble Creek Marina on the down river portion of the cruise.  The below sailboat was encountered at the Paris landing Marina.

Noah just fell in love with this sailboat. It is owned by a professor at a Memphis Medical School and seems to be a project boat.  We saw this boat last fall and it has been transformed into a beauty.  Now, Noah is ready for a larger boat with an engine. 
The above boat is quite unique. The owner came by 0 Regrets to view our boat as an Albin Trawler is not a common boat in our area. This boat was a "work" boat on the east coast of Florida. Seems the owners used a net to fish their way to Bimini, Bahamas, selling fish there and then doing the same on the return to Florida. The current owner has completely restored the boat with mahogany interior finish.  We always enjoy discovering new boats and are proud of our little Albin.
We plan to sail more this year and will keep everyone up on our cruise schedule.
Happy Sailing, Adm. Denise, Capt. Barry and deck hands Bella and Bailey.

Thursday, April 11, 2013


Captain's log, Day-4 Spring Cruise:

0 Regrets at dock Pebble Isle Marina near New Johnsonville, Tn. Always did like the looks of our boat in the fog, reminds me of old Navy days.  The large ball fenders on the rear deck are for use in locks to protect the boat.  The small dome on top of radar is important, direct tv dome.    Must have all the comforts of home you know.    The below pic. is our duct tape crew.  It seems the courtesy car has some technical difficulties, ie. windows will not close. Never to be defeated, we wedged the windows shut and taped the remaining opening against the cold air. 
The crew is Joe, Noah(in Rotc uniform) and Justin (bucky) in boy scout uniform. We are ready for our journey back about 150 yrs. to the Battle of Shiloh.

View ...Spring Cruise 2013 in a larger map
The above map gives our location at Clifton Marina in relation to the Shiloh Battlegounds.  


The above mounment is to the confederate forces in the Shiloh Battle.  Over 24,000 casualties during the 2 day battle on both sides.  There are over 200 monuments in the National Park and one must take a full day to see the entire park.  The Picture of Noah above features a well reasoned and dedicated Scout and Navy ROTC cadet who is a joy to know.  He plans to join the Coast Guard upon high school graduation and persue a future. 

Noah and Justin (buck) below the Confederate Monument. Buck is near an Eagle Scout and a good deck hand on 0 Regrets.
This little Rebel was visiting the museum and I could not resist a picture. Her parents gave me permission and the smile is so warming.  I did not see anyone dressed as a Yankee during our visit.  No wonder, this is Tennessee. 
The above gates is the entrance to the Shiloh Military Cemetery. Civil war veterans and veterans from all following wars are buried here.  We noticed a newer section and found one fallen veteran who served in WWII, Korea and Vietnam, M.Gny Sgt. Not many survived to serve in 3 wars. May he rest in peace.
We encourage all who read this piece to visit the Shiloh Battlegrounds near Savannah, TN. Please plan a full day and walk back into our history.
0 Regrest Crew.  Happy Sailing.

Captain's Log: Day 3 Spring Cruise

We arrived at the Clifton Marina evening of the 3rd day, about a 60 mile cruise against the current, south on the Tennessee River.

The evening promised to offer entertainment from Gene, the owner and a great hamburger steak meal.  They are quite famous for their hospitality and adult beverages.  Unfortunately Sonya was in Florida but Gene was a good hand at the grill.  Of course, I shared some Woodford Reserve bourbon with my Tennessee friend.  We plan to venture to the Shiloh Civil War Battlefield the next morning. 
Bailey is the 1st. Mate of the cruise. As you can see, she is on patrol and very, very alert. Give her a deck and a little sun and she is GOOD.   All joking aside, she is great on the boat. Works in the galley(eating), head(farting) and deck(resting) and always a walk on the earth. 
As of this cruise, we have provided custom designed(by Adm. Denise) crew shirts. We plan to custom design each shirt for our visitors(crew) during the season. Read the smaller writings below the picture of the boat. We plan to continue this moto.
Joe and son Noah are close and our friends from the land world.
Tomorrow is the venture to Shiloh Battleground to visit our history and learn to appreciate the struggles our democracy has endured.

View ..Spring Cruise 2013 in a larger map
The above map is about 130 river miles from Green Turtle Bay marina, our home port, 2 days of travel.  We will land cruise to Shiloh in the am for our visit to the long dead.  The crew of 0 Regrets hope you are enjoying our Spring adventure.

Crew, Capt. Barry, 1st. Mate Bailey
Happy Sailing

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


View ..Spring Cruise 2013 in a larger mapCaptains Log; Day 2 of the Summer Cruise, 04/02/2013.  We are cruising the Great Tennessee River on this day from Pebble Isle Marina to Clifton Marina.  The journey from Green Turtle Bay to Pebble Isle was long with 10 hrs of cruise time.  Not may pic opts along the way as the crew was under training.

However, along the next leg of the cruise we encounted new, modern cliff  dwellers with the best huts you ever say.
They say the higher the home the better the view. Well, the "light house" look above seemed more like a church than home.  These imposing homes had quite the view of the great Tennessee River. 
Captain trainee Noah is at the controls.  He has encountered mermaids, river monsters and towe boats along the river thus far.  Never to be detered, he commands the 0 Regrets on her Summer Cruise.  Damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead. 
Our River Cruise continues with a warmer day, some sun and happy sounds on the big, bad stereo system(Ipod). We are talking to river boat captains along the route and funny, they all have a southern accent.  Must not let those yankees captain the big boats. 
We encountered this somewhat larger bungalow on this same day of river travel.
Seems the Clampets found a great spot along the river front. Wonder where Jethro is living? 
Well, this post is a bit short but the crew has kept the Captain and Bailey busy these past days and our bunks call us.  We have much more to relay which I am sure is awaited by our readers with interest. 
Happy Cruising, Capt. Barry, Deckhands Joe, Noah and "Bucky" with 1st. Mate Bailey.

Monday, April 1, 2013


The Spring Cruise begins:

View Larger Map
Captain's Log: Day-1,  March 31, 2013:We are provisioning our "ship" for the cruise of the next week.  Now, a good deal of this provisioning involves sufficient food and drink for the two 15 yr. old boys who are our deckhands.  Our deck box is full with drink for the adult officers of this ship.  Bailey has seen sure she has sufficient dog chow to keep her alert and ready for her duties. 

Hands were presented with Cruise shirts specially designed by Adm. Denise.  We feel these shirts will continue to be our gift to all future cruisers who accompany us on our cruises.  I am sure the motto will change dependent upon the destination and guests. 

The engine roars, lines are loosed and with a gentle motion our ship pulls from the dock to begin this journey.  The weather seems to change every hour, typical of Spring in Kentucky. However, the lake elevation has increased in recent days providing us with 1-2 ft. additional depth in the lake and river.   With Spring comes floods at times and the Corp of Engineers is in control of the river system.   Fog is always a concern in the mornings.  Our trusty radar will be watching ahead until the fog lifts.  When the fog engulfs you while water born, one watches carefully for the red, flashing bow light of a tow boat.  They seldom use their fog horn.  Good thing we will have extra eyes from the young deck hands.

Well due to low connectivity with internet, I must shorten this post as pics will not download. We have begun our cruise and will update as internet permits. 

Happy sailing,

Captn. Barry, 1st. mate Bailey, and deck hands Joe, Buck and Cub.