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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Fighting Reality

Your goals in life seem to change as you age.  That I suppose is normal.  Fleeing reality is not a common goal but has evolved into mine.  I continue to push for my reality to be travel exploring new worlds.  I just know the country and world is awaiting the explorations of this aging fellow.
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I suppose I am fighting writers block. I do not want to talk about my daily things, but offer enlightening thoughts along our way. Alas, we have not been underway in several weeks.   This thought leads me back to my original fleeting thought of changing reality.  We have worked hard in recent years to acquire out beloved "Phaeton" motor home, our trawler "0 Regrets" and now a new haven at Lake Barkley.  Yes, another location.  We are scheduled to close next week on our condo at the lake.  Now let us consider the geography of this.  Our boat is 10 miles by land from the condo or 30 min. by water, out motor home can be stored at the lake within 5 miles of the other 2 locations.  Our current home is located 45 min. east in Madisonville, KY.  Let us do the math.  That would work out to an average of 7.5 days per location in a given 30 day month.  Everyone needs 4 locations.

Our hope is to relocate to Lake Barkley and Green Turtle Bay area within a couple of years.  Letting someone else own the "big house" in Madisonville and we can enjoy the travel option.  The little condo is so easy with a small maintenance fee and all we have to do is lock the door and drive or sail away. 

I finally know my emotions.  That only took 62 years.  I hate to store the motor home or boat for long periods of time when they are meant to travel.  That really applies to me.  The challenge will be using the motor home and boat while residing in the condo.  Not a problem for me but my loving wife has a "real" job and feels the need to commute to work.  Our long trips can be via water or highway but long trips will be ventured.  Just imagine Columbus saying to his wife "honey I will sail away for the weekend but will return by Monday."  NOT.

I do not long to be the explorer but I want to explore my world, dying exhausted.  I want to sail, feel the wind and water on my skin, wonder what lays ahead over the rolling ribbon of road and all the new souls I will share this world with.  I do not want to do this alone.  If I cannot share the journey what fun is to be gained by seeing the constellations at sea, mountain wonders of the west and seas yet sailed.  I feel that clock ticking and the time is now.

I feel the next two years will open up the opportunities we need to expand the horizons and make the break. Just a feeling in my bones or maybe the wine.  Who cares?   So if you see us watching the GPS looking for a Wal Mart to camp, or on the fly bridge of "0 Regrets" give a wave and wish us fair sailing.   I know the wind will be at our back.

Barry, Denise, Bella, Bailey,
"0 Regrets" and the Phaeton.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Culinary Delights

I do not typically write about eating, although that seems to have become a passion in my later years.  However, the culinary options at Lauderdale By the Sea are almost limitless.  I suppose this writing should be posted as "Gluttony".  While what we eat or details of each day is not my purpose in writing this Blog, I sometimes make an exception. 

This is my conception of a picture perfect Italian restaurant.  Looks like my stay in Sicily many years (decades) ago.  There wine was $2.50 per 1.5 liter bottle, food was about $3.00 a plat and the language was music to my ears.  Our new friend at Correlli's is Joe the owner. He came to this country with $2.00 in his pocket in 1968, later owned 5 restaurants.  Now with a growing wine importing enterprise, olive oil importing and his own sauces, he is a joy to visit with and he will get your $$$ for buying his product. After all, we did buy a case of his Italian wines, now shipping to Madisonville, KY.  YES!  Kentucky finally agreed to allow all to ship wine products to the great Commonwealth.  That only took 200 years. 

Now for the food.  We have experienced the Rigatoni, Egg Plant Parmesan and now the famous Correlli Pizza.  We should have purchased by the slice but this jewel was 18" of pizza dreams.  All ingredients are local or imported, including spices.  Joe makes his own sauce and the cheeses are right of the wagon. 
No franchise stuff here.  Joe sat and visited with us for an hour each visit.  His wife's family history and pics are plastered all around the restaurant, looking like the classic Italian family we might picture in the movies. Their children work in the restaurant and wine business and soon in the olive oil importing enterprise.  Grandchildren are learning the work ethic with 9 yr. olds busing tables in the summer.  Now that work ethic we need so much more in our next generation.  I doubt you could pluck a 20 something out of the US and drop him or her in Italy or any other foreign country and look for them to be a success in year later.  They may be have their hand out when they get down to $2.00.   If you find yourself in the Ft. Lauderdale area, Lauderdale By the Sea to be specific, drop by Correlli's and ask for Joe.  You will not be disappointed.  Please save time for that nap you will need after the meal.'s+restaurant,+lauderdale+by+the+sea,+fl&hl=en&cid=17240288508832155581

Enough about food.  Friends we make along the way are most important.  Remember, "all who wander are not lost". 

Barry, Denise, Bailey and Bella


Characters never fail to asale me. Like Steve at the bar for happy hours., recommending Desaira' at Don's for evening meal.  The lounge entertainment where anyone over 70 is young and the 40's band.  Couple of 91 and 87 year olds swilling wine at the bar.  The black jigaloe working the bar.     Good food, wine and wide variety of friends makes for an eventful evening.  Do not forget "Bingo" our new friend after 30 plus years visiting the same bar and friends at lauderdale.  Seems he has acquaintances in Madisonville or he is lying.  Hummm.
So we have Desirae, Steven, Bingo, Steve and other unnamed friends met in just one evening in the confines of lauderdale by the sea.  More to come.

The "101 Ocean" club is a corner hot spot along Ocean Blvd. at Ft. Lauderdale Beach.  Happy Hour is 5-7 each evening.  Open air bar to streets creates a scene changing each hour.  Tonight we had a local with a large parrot friend hanging in a tree accepting treats all the while talking with each passing pedestrian.  Seems the owner has trained the parrot since birth and must spend at least 4 hrs. per day to keep the monogamous relationship.  The parrot "taboo" is a fixture along Ocean Blvd and the beach.  Couple this with many runners, surfers, joggers, walkers and street vendors.  The beach seems to attract all characters. 
We enjoy our Albin Trawler but could be convinced to trade up for this larger boat.  Seems the Ft. Lauderdale docks offer over 1000 ft. docking for world traveling yachts.   Our cruise captain indicated this yacht required over $100,000 to fill the tanks.  Now that is a fill up.

We continue to watch the "older folks" around town.  We do admire their tenacity with speed walking, pool exercises and best of all happy hour and good food.  It seems the older we or I become, the more important the food.  In fact we plan another visit to Carelli's Italian Restaurant for lunch today.  Our prior trip the owner insisted on opening 4-5 bottles of wine for our tasting all the while consuming large amounts of beer and pasta.  We did need a siesta after that meal.  We do plan to ship home a case of select wines from his warehouse in Atlanta.  He is quite the entrepreneur exporting olive oils and balsamic vinegars. 

Well off to the pool for a morning read, must rest up for our lunch date.  Pool boy is here now so we can anticipate good pool conditions.  Tomorrow finds me at the Trawler Fest seminars early then afternoon touring boats of many varieties.  Cannot wait.

Barry, Denise, Bailey & Bella