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Wednesday, July 31, 2013


There comes a time in all stories where dogs fit in perfectly.  Now is the time for the story of the "Boat Dogs".  Now, most people equate boats with cats, parrots, mice etc.  But in our world dogs rule.  We do have a parrot on board but that is another story.
Bella, as pictured above has a way with pics.  She just seem to like the camera.  Quite like her mistress, Denise.  While this picture is not aboard 0 Regrets it does express her personality. Just an adventurous girl! 


Bailey, as pictured above, is happy with her ball. She will retrieve the ball till she would drown.  She is learning to climb the swim ladder to the boat and someday will enter the transom. 

Now this is the temp captain.  Bella seems to love riding in the Captain's chair during the cruise.  She is a bit nervous until in the chair.  I do wish she could stand a watch while I could take a nap.

Now, this is team swimming.  Bailey has a piece of wood in her mouth, she will retrieve anything.  I am trying to teach her to retrieve a beer.  The life guard is Adm. Denise.  Swimming with the girls is a challenge.

The above picture is their typical cruising position. They are on the fly bridge just relaxing while the Captain is working at the helm.  They do prefer Buffet on the sounds. 
Now this is a curious dog. Bella is on foredeck peeking into the cabin from the forward window hatch.  At times we have seen Bailey enter from this window to the galley in search of food. 
While the above pic is on the earth, it remains one of my favorites.  After all, all my best girls are in the picture.  Happy times on board or on the beach.  My girls make cruising complete. 

Happy sailing,

Capt. Barry along with Adm. Denise and deckhands Bella and Bailey.

Sunday, July 7, 2013


We chose the 4th of July to extend the Tennessee River Cruise a bit.  We planned to moor at Paris Tennessee State Park Marina and attend Meo Mios Restaurant.  Alas, just a bit lazy.

Our first anchorage is new to us, Turkey Bay.  It seems that Turkey Bay is the site of the Land Between the Lake ATV trail. We did manage to anchor at mouth of bay in a little inlet to escape most of the wind.  The holding was good as was the fishing.  A restful afternoon and evening was had by all, especially the Adm. Denise as evident in following wanton exhibition.
She does have a way with wine and feet.  Just saying....
As Turkey Bay is only 3 hr. ride (3 hr. tour, 3 hr tour) from home port of Green Turtle Bay Marina, we had time to "relax", swim and just chill on first day of the 4th. cruise. Of course one must buy a 5th. (like 5 liter box of wine) in order to be festive on the 4th. 
Of course the article would not be complete without our flag at sunset.  Like so many veterans, we appreciate the flag and all those who have thanked us for our service.  I can truthfully say, "you are welcome".
Sorry for grainy photo but I had to zoom in to capture the fleet escape of the Coasties after they cruised our anchorage. This is where some of those homeland security dollars are found.  I think the Coasties aboard were having a good cruise.


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The Paris Landing Marina is a welcome and friendly stop if cruising for the day or weekend. The staff is friendly but can be a bit over worked on weekends. We are accustomed to mooring ourselves, as the staff rarely seem to be dockside. Calling on the VHF is also unreliable, but the transient docks are large and have the utilities.  Beware, as of this writing the last 3 pedestal on the transient dock are not functional. They are "working" on them, at the state of Tennessee pace.  We do recommend the lodge for breakfast and Meo Mios's for a good evening of food, adult beverages and good music.  Just call a cab, about $10 per couple each way(plus tip) and they will pick up and deliver you back to your boat. The marina does not have a vehicle you can borrower. The ranger will take you to the lodge but it is only a 1 mile walk. 

Before departing Paris Landing, the old Captain decided to replace a fuel filter as the engine was sputtering a bit upon arrival.  Alas, the work grew as air was "filtered" into the line and after a helpful new friend was found, we managed to bleed the line and start the engine.  I need to remember to do these tasks in our Home Port, not while anchored or on a holiday weekend.  Lessons, Lessons Learned!
See above map of Turkey Bay.

Then the weather changed.  We enjoyed a good afternoon swimming, along with Bailey our Boykin Spaniel deckhand.  The decision was made to return to Turkey Bay due to the 1/2 distance to home port and good holding.  Right! We did enjoy the anchorage and experienced a good afternoon, Kentucky thunderstorm.
Bella above on a dryer and happier day.  She did wear her "Thunder Shirt" but alas garments can only accomplish so much.  Bella hid in the tub of the aft cabin, she does know here emergency drills. The wind and rain continued then we were rewarded with a wonderful rainbow. 
I must give Denise credit for this picture.  Of course the Captain was busy maintaining calm amongst the crew and holding anchorage during the blow.  I am sure I saw the pot of gold among the trees near shore. 

The cruise will continue to home port, Green Turtle Bay sometime today.  I must get the Admiral back to work!

Happy sailing,
Capt. Barry, Adm. Denise, Bell and Bailey, deckhands.