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Wednesday, April 3, 2013


View ..Spring Cruise 2013 in a larger mapCaptains Log; Day 2 of the Summer Cruise, 04/02/2013.  We are cruising the Great Tennessee River on this day from Pebble Isle Marina to Clifton Marina.  The journey from Green Turtle Bay to Pebble Isle was long with 10 hrs of cruise time.  Not may pic opts along the way as the crew was under training.

However, along the next leg of the cruise we encounted new, modern cliff  dwellers with the best huts you ever say.
They say the higher the home the better the view. Well, the "light house" look above seemed more like a church than home.  These imposing homes had quite the view of the great Tennessee River. 
Captain trainee Noah is at the controls.  He has encountered mermaids, river monsters and towe boats along the river thus far.  Never to be detered, he commands the 0 Regrets on her Summer Cruise.  Damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead. 
Our River Cruise continues with a warmer day, some sun and happy sounds on the big, bad stereo system(Ipod). We are talking to river boat captains along the route and funny, they all have a southern accent.  Must not let those yankees captain the big boats. 
We encountered this somewhat larger bungalow on this same day of river travel.
Seems the Clampets found a great spot along the river front. Wonder where Jethro is living? 
Well, this post is a bit short but the crew has kept the Captain and Bailey busy these past days and our bunks call us.  We have much more to relay which I am sure is awaited by our readers with interest. 
Happy Cruising, Capt. Barry, Deckhands Joe, Noah and "Bucky" with 1st. Mate Bailey.

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  1. Not knowing much about your part of the country, your posting the map was much appreciated. The "bungalows" are beautiful! Are the deck hands family members?