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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Beginnings of a New Fun Season

I find myself a bit nostalgic at times.  No Not Me!  We have summerized the "0 Regrets" and serviced all the necessary parts in readiness for the fun fulled and exciting boating, camping, travel season awaiting us.  I spent all day Friday in and out of the engine compartment with the most knowledgeable Albin man in the area.  He is teaching me the systems of our trusty boat, I just hope I am learning the same.  The number of valves that do this and that are many.  One wrong turn and we could ruin an engine or other parts.  I think I can change the oil, clean the air filter, change the fuel filter and maybe service the generator.  As far as winterizing I remain a bit lost.  But fortunately that last or waits till this coming fall.

Many of our new friends have returned to the pier 7.  We were new last fall but everyone welcomed us with open arms, boating help and any tool I needed or thought I needed.  Even our dogs, Bailey and Bella were received well.  This was challenged when Bailey dropped a pile on the dock but all was OK when washed  away with the trusty hose.  Bella has managed to not fall into the lake and Bailey has managed this trick twice last fall.  We are on guard for a repeat this season.  We continue to update our little boat with new cutty mattresses for better sleeping comfort.  A paint job for the hull is under discussion.  This is a major undertaking and expense.  Fortunately I have a trained boatman who is willing to let me help and we may tackle the hull painting together. 

Denise & I spent the day cruising the Land Between the Lakes again as we seem to discover another road to travel.  We visited Canal Campground (COE Park) in hope to see some of our campground friends.  The campground will open at end of March and we will return with the motorhome.  The Phaeton is ready for travel. 

We continue,yet restless, to gain occupancy of the new condo at Bend of the Rivers.  We cruised the development again today and talked with two owners.  We have 2 more weeks in our agreement with the seller in which to vacate.  We learned today she would like more time and we are not in favor.  We shall see.  Hard to evict someone with the current laws.  We envision a summer with motor home travel, boat cruising and many nights anchored under the stars.  The condo will give us a land base when we chose not to cruise.  The next major step will be selling the "big house" and relocating the the Lakes area.  We will commute for a while and see what happens. 

Our home base has become Green Turtle Bay and Grand Rivers, KY

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