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Thursday, March 29, 2012


The great move has arrived. After many weeks of searching, negotiations and awaiting seller to move, we have gained possession of the Bend of the Rivers Condo. We camped in the condo last Sunday evening with only some sheets and bedding,pizza and two dogs. But I must admit all had fun and we have made the right choice. Now that we possess 4 locations, you know, standard house, motor home, trawler and condo we will eventually know which of the sites will survive. It is eerily quiet on this Thursay evening. We do not have the standard TV noise and the development is very quiet. While I continue my homemaking chores, you know, walking the dogs, doing laundry (why did we need to wash new towels) and start moving the necessities into their propery place. Denise has a REAL job therefore, I have to take up the slack. Not that I mind for my view of Lake Barkley is excellent. I feel I must buy a spotter scope for a closer view as the summer boats cruise by. You never know who you might see. I have not continued my medical update since my latest ranting about being forgotten by a doctor while detained at St. Mary's Hospital. However, it seems things were happening to the ole time clock(heart). Since my latest rant I have experience my first heart cath and resulting stint to open a blocked artery. When your doctor utters "uth ooh" during the cath it gives one pause. Seems I had a 95% blockage of one artery, just escaping the heart attack. Go doctor. Doctor inserted a new "straw" in the squeezed portion of the artery and I am good to go. Going is a bit slow but I did manage getting to the Mondo Condo. I would recommend a heart cath to all for you get a really good look at that very important muscle. Mine looked like the rat on a cage wheel but who cares it was working. Enough about the meds, we can compare scares and treatments at a later date.
Above is a typical spring sunrise over Lake Barkley. I never get tired of the beauty of the early morning here. I can truly say I am one lucky man to be able to enjoy the Kentucky sunrise and sets from a boat, motor home and now condo. Maybe a plane would be next and I am trying to talk Denise into flying lessons. I will volunteer to be the SECOND passenger! Bailey and Bella are learning their way around the condo and Bend of the Rivers Development. Daily deposits are being made for all to enjoy. Unfortunately I am the Poop patrol around these parts. I sure do spend a great deal of time watching dogs mark their territory. I wonder if some of my new neighbors do the same. Oh well!!!! I suppose I should stop there, another glass of wine (2 only) might give way to more risky verbage. Nite all. Remember, Life is short,there is plenty of time to Sleep. Barry, Denise, Bailey and Bella

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  1. Great to hear that the new 'straw' is working like it should. Do you feel any better for it?
    Happy Tails and Trails, Penny, TX