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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cardiac Rehab Cruise

It seems much can happen in such a short time. It is difficult to catch up in one blog but whis is my first attempt. The article titled "Cardiac Rehab Cruise" sets the stage for my latest adventure. Adventure is not a good word but will suffice. Seems I was having some heart problems without my knowledge. During a typical ablation treatment for Arterial Flutter, I developed V. Tach. Seems that is a very irregular heart beat which can kill. Dr. would not let me out of hospital until a echo cardiogram which I passed with flying colors. Of Course! Upon my visit with my home cardiologist it was determined I would have a heart cath. While laying still watching the dye enter my arteries, my good Dr. said "oops". You can imagine my reaction! What does Oops mean? Seems I had one artery 95% blocked waiting to cause a heart attack. Whew! He put a stint in and here I am. Now for the cruise. A good friend of ours oddly experienced shortness of breath recently. Seeing the Dr. he was given a heart cath and discovered he had the "widow maker", blockage of the large decending artery which is a death sentence. Being only 45 yrs. old and in good health, he had open heart surgery. Now, he and I had planned to take his son and a buddy on a 3 day kayak trip down the Little River. Of course the trip was canceled. But Captain Young had another idea.
I suggested we take Joe and son with a guest for a personal cruise aboard "0 Regrets" our trusty trawler. We disembarked about noon this past Tuesday for a 3 day cruise. So here I am. Captain Barry with a recent heart stint, a passenger recovering from open heart surgery and two novice deckhands. Whew! We pushed off in bright sun, northerly winds at about 15 mph creating a following sea. We cruised without effort at the blazing speed of 7 mph. with a push from the following wind. Our goal is Smith Bay for an early afternoon on the hook and kayak cruising of the bay. Boys are excited and my buddy Joe is relaxed watching the lake cruise by.
Smith Bay is a 2 hr. cruise up the Tennessee River (Kentucky Lake) on the Land Between the Lakes side. The LBL is 175,000 acs. of unspoiled wilderness with no development what so ever. We anchored on the lee side of the bay avoiding the wind. Boys immediately ventured off in the kayaks while Joe and I enjoyed a well deserved adult beverage. The day receded with warm sun while we relaxed on the flybridge. The evening presented a sky filled with stars and the aroma of grilled burgers. Yep, burgers, not necessarily heart healthy food but we enjoyed the treat. The boys were instructed in the operation of a marine toilet, as area all passengers. The warning is that "unless you process it first, it does not go into the toilet", meaning no toilet paper. A mistake in this vital area can result in major $$$$ damage. The boys were quite enthralled and I do not belive the head in their cabin was utilized. Whew!
Day 2 of the voyage began about noon for a cruise to the Eggers Ferry Bridge and Kenlake Marina. This is the bridge damaged last fall by a ship colliding with the bridge decking while outside the well marked channel. No one has publicly tried to explain how the ship managed to miss the channel by 300 ft. We cruised under the bridge without incident, clearance is 65 ft., we need 17 ft. Kenlake Marina is a good stop with a reasonable restaurant and friendly staff. We met the owner who explained plans for expansion and gave us a unsolicited history of the marina and state park. Bailey and I enjoyed a well needed walk to stretch out numerous legs. Bailey is a good Boat Dog and never complains about the small space.
We cruised down the lake to Higgins Bay and anchored in Ewe Bay in the lee of a small island. The island is attached to the mainland by a small strip of land in the winter pool period. However, in May the water is over the strip and the area is a true island. The island is inhabited with 7 graves dating at the 1900's. In fact the LBL includes 28 cemeterys which all are maintained. Our remaining hours were filled with boys and Joe trying out the Dingy paddling around the bay in search of more adventure and maybe some fish.
The above photo depicts the Eggners Ferry Bridge which was damaged when a cargo shop collided with the bridge decking. An unusual event as the channel is well marked and no one can imagine how the captain missed the channel. The bridge serves a number of vehicles daily and is planned to be repaired by end of May 2012. We passed under the bridge for a short visit to the Kenlake Marina for lunch and dog walking. We returned to Higgins Bay for a quiet evening and exploration as indicated above.
Bailey is the 1st. Mate of "0 Regrets" and is always alert to a food opportunity. This spaniel is a great companion no matter traveling via boat or motor home.
Joe and Boys above on the beginning of the hiking adventure. In fact, Joe misjudged his recovery by hiking to the back of Ewe Bay with the boys. I remained aboard the boat, you know, security. Unexpectedly I noticed the boys hiking back to the dingy. It seems Joe could not make the hike back to the dingy and had the rescue scouts to return with the dingy. They succeeded in the rescue and returned the patient back to the care aboard "0 Regrets". The Cardiac Rehab Cruise was near completion. The young sailors piloted the boat back to Green Turtle Bay Marina without incident. We enjoyed this short cruise on Kentucky Lake with wonderful weather and an opportunity to share with good friends., See you on the water, Barry, Denise, Baily and Bella

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