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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Searching for an escape route

Searching for an escape route along the caverns of St. Mary's. After dark I can follow the bread crumbs along the empty halls to my eventual escape. I keep reminding myself that my condition, whatever it may be, needs to be corrected for we have many plans for spring and summer. Hospital stay unless you are very ill, is like the military, HURRY UP AND WAIT! the waiting is not my cup of tea. I have watched more B-Ball the past 2 days than in the past 10 years. It is 9:15 PM my saga at St. Mary's continues. The best description is "GROUND HOG DAY" all over again! We have waited many hours yesterday after my procedure to even see a doctor. I was retained over night due to some rythm problems with the ticker. That is understandable and appreciated. However, after another unplanned stay, we waited 7 yrs. for a test which was completed in my room in 30 min. Waited another number of hours from some Dr. to visit and release me only to be told the good doctor has left the building and has not read the test results. My views will be voice as loud as possible tomorrow to my admitting doctor and any administation staff I can find. This lack of respect by the doctors brings socialized medicine to mind. The doctors I am dealing with do not seem to feel my time is as valuable to me as their time is to them. Wasting 2 days in a hospital room waiting on non-communicative doctors is just not acceptable. My nurse staff was WONDERFUL. They have made every effort to help me and Denise during our frustrating stay.
The above nurses and others on my floor are the best. They gave me all the attention I could want, helped with any need and made me feel that they were interested in my well being. They work 12 hr. shifts with many demands not only from patients but doctors and visitors. While my stay at St. Mary's was not satisfactory from the doctors attention, the staff must be complimented. I have voiced this opinion via emails to various departments at St. Mary's. I suppose I have too much time on my hands, thanks to non-responsive doctors. I must apologize to all my readers. I do not usually post on a serious note, but a blog is a good tool to vent and vent I have. I hope not to need to bore anyone again with this matter. See you on the water or road; Barry, Denise, Bailey and Bella.

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