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Monday, January 7, 2013

A "light" Day

Well, all days cannot be exciting.  However, my opinion is that all days are good!  While today was relaxing with some work completed on the PC, no appointments got in our way of a "light" day.  Bailey, Bella and I just enjoyed a leisurely morning with good coffee and our usual Cherrio's.  Yes, the girls have their very own favorite flavor.  Now, I am writing about cereal, how boring.

However, we did venture out on a sunny, winter day.  We chased some squirrels, smelled our way to lunch.  Not a bad day for a dog.  Not wanting to fritter away the day, I decided to return to the Kentucky Dam for a good brisk walk.

The walk along the dam is somewhat special. The Corp. of Engineers closed the road across the dam but created a great bike/walking trail along the dam.  I do not really know the length but estimated round trip at about 2 miles.  This is the view from the parking area toward the dam. Windy at times but a good view of the lake and locks.
 Considerable water being spilled from Kentucky Lake to the Tennessee River.  This is to augment the Mississippi River helping water levels for commercial traffic.  Barkley Dam is wide open as well. Kentucky Dam had 8 gates open.  Due to a recent boating accident below the dam the Corp. is limiting fishing below the dam.  You just cannot help those who are stupid enough to get close to these gates. 

Yesterday, I posted pics viewing the fake owls guarding the locks.  Today, I noticed the gulls lining the lock standing adjacent to and on the head of an owl.  See the picture center with the elevated gull.  Right, just sitting on the fake owl head. Typical of the Corp. of Engineers plans to protect the locks.  Does provide an interesting picture. 
Well, that was most of my day other than work.  Another beautiful day at Kentucky and Barkley Lakes. 
Sail away,
Barry, Bella and Bailey. 

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  1. We lived in Electric City and Grand Coulee Washington many years before 9/11 and I walked across the Grand Coulee Dam and back every day. It was approximately 2 miles also. There were "resident" eagles that I knew by sight, and it was beautiful in the winter time to watch the ice slide off the spillways to the river below.
    I am fairly knew to your blog, and look forward to reading it each time you post.