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Sunday, January 6, 2013


Well winter does continue.  I am trying to be positive for the next 51 days.  I consider March 1st. the beginning of boat season with winter being terminated.  Like all "old people" I truly detest winter months.  I must admit, the 90 to 120 days of winter (my calendar) is easier to accept since purchase of our lake condo. At least we can escape to the lake each weekend. 

Today we made an effort to enjoy some sunshine on a partly cloudy day.  So, we visited friends who own a restaurant in Grand Rivers, KY.  Bob and Irene are a great couple who work so hard in their restaurant but really enjoy the Grand Rivers community.  Irene is very creative with baking, arriving early AM each day and working well into late afternoon after closing at 2 pm.  Bob is the bison king, cooking the famous bison burger!  Bob is a Vietnam Vet having paid a heavy price during his service.  But each and every day they open the Light Side Restaurant to all who enjoy fresh food and the warmth of their company. 

We spent part of our afternoon revisiting the Kentucky Lake Dam to walk the new bike and hiking trail.  All traffic had been removed from the dam to create this trail. The total trail is about a 1 hour walk with great view of lake and river below the dam.  We walked the trail on a blustery afternoon with part sun and clouds.  Not bad weather during January!  During the trail we encountered some interesting views.

Now, just imagine you are the crane operator, up in the sky for 8 hours per day.  Where do you to use the potty?  Well, I could not zoom in close but the spot just right of the crane is the porta potty!  What a view.  No need to read the paper or check you facebook posts.  It must be a long ride or climb down to just take a break.  Just proves the fact that all must "rest" at times.

We continued our walk along the Kentucky Dam lock viewing a large tow boat clearing the lock after locking up to Kentucky Lake. We had this experience during our 2 week Tennessee River cruise.
The power of the tow boats continues to amaze me.  I have always wanted to cruise on these boats for a week or two.  Maybe someday someone can get me a ride.  I would wash dishes, sweep or whatever was needed in order to get the experience.  
Well our walk continued and we encounter the newest "homeland" security item featured on Kentucky Dam. We were told the reason for removing all the vehicular traffic from the dam was security. Well, 2 new bridges were constructed to move vehicular and rail traffic from the dam.  But, what do the Corp of Engineers put in place to guard the lock.  You got it, OWLS. 

These guardians of the lock and dam are in vigilance along the lock wall.  This does not work for the geese due to we viewed evidence of their visit along the walk.  Owls do look menacing to some but I think they are just looking to pose for a pic.  I feel the owl looks as if longing for a river cruise.  What do you think?
The pic above is a great example of the large tow boats and barges traveling the rivers. This tow is at least 15 barges long, waiting to lock up to Kentucky Lake.  I think the tow boat traffic has increased due to low water level on the Mississippi due to the draught.  You just have to admire a captain who can maneuver these giants around the rivers and locks.   We have learned on our river cruise to radio these captains prior to meeting the giants in order to learn how they wish to pass.   

Well, a good day has passed in the company of my loving wife, Admiral Denise.  We did not take our deck hands, Bella and Bailey in that they are not welcome at the Light Side Restaurant.  Must be some health codes. 

No matter how cloudy the day, cold the weather or low my mood, each and every day with Denise and our four legged children remains a special day in my life.  We retired back to the warm condo, enjoying the fire and life is good!

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