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Monday, January 14, 2013


Yes, I am stealing a phrase from one of my current blogs I follow;  Visit this site for a glimpse into the lives of a young couple voyaging along the Great Loop.

Now our day chasing 70 degrees.  Weather was unusually mild for January 12, 2013.  So we set out to spend some time outdoors in the sun. Well, sun is a vague statement.  We decided to walk the Livingston County Trails for part of the afternoon.  The below picture looks quite industrial but the trail is mostly wooded and ends at the Tennessee River, below Kentucky Lake Dam.  Really a good view, except we had a great deal of fog due to the unusual temps. The water temp is about 55 deg. and air at 70 deg.  Therefore, you get FOG.  

The area adjoins I-24 but along the trails you do not experience the interstate effect, you know noise, chemicals and auto crashes.  We were pleasantly surprised with the hike.  We followed our nose along the tail due to lack of maps.  We stumbled our way to the fog. Careful, there may be a movie idea in there.  The crush of rushing water pulled us closer to the river. The Tennessee River is not a rushing river but spill it over a dam and it is rushing. 
The above is a view of Kentucky dam lock (on left) and dam on right past the new bridge.  We attempted to walk closer to the dam and lock via a construction road but water impeded our passage.  Did not want to get my toes wet!  WOW, I JUST SPILLED MY WINE GLASS!  THAT IS ONLY THE 1ST. GLASS. Luckily it did not break due to the rugged construction of this unique glass.   
Fits right in with the "pontoon boat" crowd.  Now back to the things important, my day.  We walked along the trail parallel to the Tennessee River only to disturb a beautiful eagle lounging atop one of the trees.  I did not get a pic for I am slower than an eagle. Imagine that. 

The above view is on another sunny day along the dam and locks. Needless to say we enjoy our little walks on a sunny and/or warm winter day.  Today it is 36 degrees and anticipated to be near 22 deg. tonight.  Kentucky, just wait for a change. 
I want to encourage all to follow a unique blog.  This family is continuing along their venture to circumnavigate the earth aboard a trawler. is a wonderful view of their adventure. I have followed this family for 3 years and never miss their adventures.  They just transited the Panama Canal and turned north along the coast.  Their videos by Ayla, "View from the Pilothouse" are wonderful.
Well, not much wisdom today.  The beat goes on.  Only about 42 days till Spring!  That's right, I begin Spring March 1st.  The beginning of the boating season.  See you on the water.
Happy sailing,
Adm. Denise, Captain.Barry, Deckhands Bella and Bailey.

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  1. Yeah! Glad you got to experience some 70 degree temps this winter! Wish I would have known about those trails when we were there! It may have encouraged me to run more ;)
    Cheers to Spring!