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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Boat Batching

New term. Boat Batching.  I seems the girls, Bella and Bailey and I are batching it on the 0 Regrets this weekend.  As I may have mentioned in an earlier post, my mother-in-law is spending the long weekend at our condo with Denise. A much needed Mother-Daughter weekend. So, being the good husband, son-in-law I volunteered to stay the weekend with the girls on the boat.  This provides sufficient room at the Inn for the ladies.  Man, am I good or what? 
The morning began with a short walk along the local jetty. This jetty extends into Kentucky Lake with a great view of the dam and lock. A bit brisk this am but sun was warming the good ole boy here.  Of course after a brisk walk along the jetty, my little tummy was grumbling.  But, before satisfying this hunger I had to capture some local real estate.

If you look closely to the top of the cliff, the roof of a dwelling is visible.  Now these are the Grand Rivers, KY. cliff dwellers.  These gravel cliffs keep eroding and I just wonder when these folks will end up in Kentucky Lake.  As you can see, it does not take much for my imagination to leap about.

I did locate a local with good balance.  This crane was comfortably perched with a great view of any available fish and the tow boat traffic near the damn.

As my readers may remember I am quite taken with the tow boat community. I would LOVE to crew aboard one of these monsters for a couple of weeks.  Seems that may not be possible due to Homeland Security requirements.  These tow boats, 3 with 1,500 barges, are lined up waiting to lock down at Kentucky Dam.  I think the traffic has increased due to the low water level of the lower Mississippi.  This line of boats may take more than 12 hrs. to lock down to the river.  The crews typically for 3-4 weeks on board and the same time off.  Not a bad job to work 50% of the year.  
Well, as my tummy was grumbling, I made my way to the best little cafe(blc) in the Grand Rivers area.  Our friends Bob and Irene own and operate this fine establishment with the daily fresh pastries and the famous "Bison Burger" as created by Bob.   Not only is the food wonderful and fresh, Irene always has the cafe decorated for the season.  If you are ever in the Grand Rivers, KY area do NOT MISS this wonderful experience.  You must try the fresh breads and sweets.  I made a deal with Irene, that if I plugged the cafe I would be a free breakfast.  I am honest most of the time. 

Well, being the good, nay the best dog handler, I took the girls on a brisk walk for the 3rd. time today.  Not much room on the boat for dog walking.  This is the view of our "beach" in winter wonder with a view to several large homes located on the point.  Much of the visible land is typically under water but the Corp. of Engineers is drawing down the lake to augment the Mississippi River levels. We might be able to walk across this portion of the Lake Barkley soon.

Well, that was my day being the dog walking, dog sitting, dog feeding, boat sitting Captain. of 0 Regrets.  Alas, the boat is winterized and we cannot cruise.  I hope everyone can enjoy their winter time as much as the girls and I.

Happy sailing,
Bella, Bailey and Captain. Barry

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  1. I thought Bison Burgers came from my town where the Bison is the mascot of Bucknell University here in central Pennsylvania. I guess we don't have the corner of the market on them like we thought we did.