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Saturday, January 19, 2013


No matter how hard I try, it is still WINTER!  Bailey, Bella and I are batching it  on board O Regrets for the weekend.  It seems the Admiral has invited her mother to the one bedroom condo for the weekend and us dog have evactuated.  I have plans to work on teak handrails, repairing scrapes from Picwick Lake lock. We just bruised the rails in a few places, but trying my hand at teak repair in small doses seems the best way to train myself.

Therefore, Bailey. Bella and I plan to camp on the boat. We will import bottled water and use electric heat.  Seems the boat is winterized and we cannot use any water from the boat.  To add insult to injury, the Commonwealth Yacht Club is CLOSED for the month.  No trading drinks with my boating friends at the bar.  Bailey did not even bring a cooler.  She wants to be a HAPPY DOG, but does not contribute to the party locker.  Sometime you just have to get tough with the old girl.

Sometimes during the winter months the management of Green Turtle Bay Marina stage an evening gettogether at the Jade Spa.  Around the pool they gather to share winter stories and adult beverages.  Seems appropriate during the lonely, winter months without the bar at the yacht club.  Well, a heated pool, adult beverages and some lies and the evening gets interesting.

I really enjoyed my visit with the boat folks.  I am the novice  boater compared to these folks.  But  they accept me and seem to enjoy themselves each and everyday.  Below is a view of the flock of coots that frequent the marina. I love to startle them and watch them walk on water trying to fly.  The dogs, Bailey and Bella love to bark at them and watch them fly.  This morning I managed to walk the girls and then visit the marina office.  In need of a good cup of coffee I managed to beg one from the young man on duty. While there a couple cruising on their boat south wandered in with a small or miniature scotty.  Well, I could not wait to show them up with this dog perched on its owners shoulder.

The above pic is a new acquaintance at the local hardware store. It seems this little dog is 12 yrs. old with cataracts, almost blind and rides along each day, all day on the shoulder of the owner.  This is a miniature  Yorkie.  All dog owners should have such a trusting friend.

Well we continue to batch it on the boat "0 Regret" for the weekend.  My mother in law is visiting and our condo is only one bedroom while the boat is 2 cabins. Therefore, to ease the pain and over crowding, the dogs and I have evacuated to the boat.  The boat is winterized but we imported bottled waterand sufficient food and water for the camping.  The girls are doing great. 

Happy sailing,
Adm. Denise, Capt. Barry and deckhands Bella and Bailey

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