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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Beginnings

Starting the new year with a new exercise routine.  This was suggested by my loving Sister!  Also, I have increased the font to help those experiencing the aging process such as I. I hope that is correct English, Kentucky style.  

The beloved Phaeton pictured here is now officially for sale. We have decided to transition to a water way of life and travel. After purchasing our trawler, "0 Regrets" and a waterfront condo, we have found so little time to travel in the Phaeton.  So, you may find it listed on RVTRADER.COM. We hope you will cruise this ad and relay to anyone wanting to move up to a grand 42 ft. coach.  She has all the extras one could desire.   

Above is the new travel vehicle.  The waterway of life is in many ways similar to motor home travel.  The boat is named "0 Regrets" to reflect our lifestyle or motto.  We plan to cruise through this life without regret, this being our time.  Our 6 children are adults  and are finding their way in life.  Now is the time for us to enjoy the fruits of our labors with many adventures.   Our long range goal is to complete the Great Loop, circumnavigating the eastern 1/3 of the U. S. 
That would be a cruise of 7-9,000 miles over a 2-3 year period with side trip to Bahamas for a winter stay.  Now that is cruising.  We have sufficient room on the boat for a grand child for part of a trip or one of our children. Of course our current children, Bella and Bailey must be our deck hands.   Bailey, above tends to guard the fly bridge, sunbathing is a more accurate description. 
Above they are acting as 2nd in command on the bridge.  Look alert don't they?  Good thing we have auto pilot!   They are quite comfortable aboard running up and down from the bridge.  We even have a dogie head for their use while aboard.  This limits the trips ashore for a dogie potty. 

Well, I suppose that is enough for the day.  I may create a new blog site dedicated to "0 Regrets" cruising.  I am sure I will use Google and will alert my readers/followers.  Hopefully, all will join me in an attempt to maintain two blogs until we no longer travel via the Phaeton. 

Happy New Year and good Sailing to all,

Barry, Denise, Bella and Bailey
wishing we were aboard "0 Regrets"

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