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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Civic Duty

WellWell here I go serving my civic duty!!!
I apologize to my readers but I have been fighting the blogger battles during the past few days. Seems, the upload button for pics disappears?  I finally located a work around but I ALMOST changed blog sites.  I hope Google corrects this problem.  I would hate to relearn a blog site. 
Back to my civic duty. I have been "called" for jury duty.  Yep, after working as an expert witness at times, avoiding court appearances for legal difficulties, they finally got me. Seems after orientation the court has a number trials scheduled and needed my "help".  The previous call last year was interrupted by my heart problem and I was excused.  Oh well, we shall have some blog stuff to post unless they take my laptop. 
Yes, I know I am shamelessly promoting the sale of our beloved Phaeton motorhome.  We hate to part with this luxury cruiser, our current cruising is via water.  We have not found the time to cruise using both.  Therefore, we have decided to sell the Phaeton and let someone enjoy the comforts of this great home. 


The above pics might give you a view of the luxury of this Phaeton. I promise to bore you in later posts of the comfort and value in this motorhome.  Maybe we should consider a "charter" service, renting the unit for a few weeks to valued customers who wish to travel without the expense of owning. Now, that may be a good idea. 

This short post is part of my relearning the inclusion of pics after the Google failure.  We hope all are enjoying a good new year and please keep use up with your exploits. 

Happy sailing,
Admr. Denise, Captn Barry, Deckhands Bella and Bailey


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  1. You Know, I'm glad you posted something about having problems with uploading pictures. I thought it was just me. I too, figured out how to get around it. I clicked on the HTML button, and was able to upload the pictures, then back to compose to finish my blog. Kind of a pain, but it works for now. i love the idea of traveling by water. I would think ou could see things of our great country you can't by road. That's one of the reasons I enjoy taking train trips too. Sometimes the rails go where the roads don't. I'm looking forward to your blogs "on the water"
    ~Betty, at home in Milwaukie, Oregon