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Monday, February 4, 2013


During the winter months I feel as if I muddle through each day.  Well, that is not really a bad thing, considering I plan to "muddle" through each day remaining in my life cycle.  Kind of like that butterfly, just not a pretty picture of me. 

"If you’re going to muddle, you might as well muddle at the base of a majestic mountain, alongside a rushing river, under a canopy of scented pine boughs, overlooking a green meadow with flowers waving, above ocean waves crashing on rocks, next to a still alpine lake, from a red-rock promontory where eagles fly, or in the desert with the winter sun warming both body and soul." One of my favorite blogs. Check out RVSue and the crew.  She is an inspiration to all who boondock in the RV world.

The view of the locamotive rock with a walk up for Sue's dogs is a good climb.  We have only boondocked around Kentucky Lake and never in the desert.  Someday, someday.

AS discussed in this blog, we have traveled via motorhome and boat in the past few years.  Well, like all good meanders, we read many magazines about our travels.  All who wander are not lost, so the bumper sticker goes. 
The pic to the left is a sample of the magazines we follow in planning our travels. Now the motorhome is not equal to the high quality of our Phaeton and the boat is about $2 million much superior to our trawler.  One can wish for for the best, right!  As we plan to cruise the blue waters, the Nordhaven would be our choice.  Just a bit short on the $$$$.  So, buy our motorhome and we might be able to upgrade the boat.  We will cruise no matter what but just a bit easier without a land yacht. 

Now, during the winter months of 2013, we do experience some strong winds. Now, straight line winds have damaged pier 6, 3 times in the past 3 years.  Seems Pier 6 has had such bad luck.  Fortunately our pier was not damaged.    So, our wait continues till spring and summerization of the boat.  Then, cruising again!  

Well, friends, another day in winter wishing for Spring. Things could be worse but a bit of sun would be fine.  

Happy Sailing,

Barry, Denise and Bella, Bailey (deckhands).

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