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Monday, February 18, 2013


No matter how hard I try, this winter, glummy weather does not seem to remove itself from our location.  I have asked many times, the weather gods, to get over it and bring on Spring.  We could use the rain anyway.  Now, today it is blowing 30 mph, cooling southerly winds and narry any sun after 3 pm.  Yuck.

Well, then I need to be positive and write about better and more interesting days.  Recently an acquaintenace of our decided to sell his boat.  In doing so, he wanted to remove the dingy from the pier. So, being resourceful, he backed his restored, antique 1966 truck down the ramp and left it at the bottom of ramp to retrieve the dingy. Well, upon looking out from his boat the truck was GONE!  He did find the truck with help from my friend Captain. Bill the anytime scuba diver.  Can you imagine watching your antique truck being pulled out with Diver Bill in the bed. This was one expensive dingy ride.

As most of our readers know, we spend a great deal of time in our lakefront condo.  We are considering some major changes to the development.  One of those is the extension of our courtesy dock so boats like our 0 Regrets can dock. Water is typically only 4ft. near the dock.  Now the dock is sitting in the mud due to the low water level in winter months.  Hopefully, this summer we will be able to reach the dock.  We are even considering later construction of a small marina with covered slips for sale to condo owners. We will be at head of the list. 0 Regrets is on the way.

The above picture is a post card from 1929.  My Grandfather O. A. Young opened the first "tourist camp" between Chicago and Nashville in the same year.  My father and his brother were made to ride the running boards handing out flyer's to encourage travelers to stay at the camp. Camp they did with on a few cottage with plumbing rented at $8 per day.  We have a menu from the cafe with steak, fries and drink at $1.25.  A good deal. 

Moving on to lovely wife's philanthropic activities.  It seems Adm. Denise is a board member for our local Habitat organization.  The Habitat runs a Restore facility selling donated furniture etc. at very low prices to raise money to build a home for those who are approved.  This photo is the ribbon cutting by the local chamber of the renovated store and new manager. It seems they raise about enough $$$ per year to build one home.  Other homes are funded by local donations. The buyers of these homes repay the local Habitat organization and assist in the construction. A great organization.

Well, that is about our weekend.  As you can see, I needed to pull into the post history, wet truck, floating dock and ribbon cutting.  What a week!  Hopefully, future posts will include sun, sailing and more FUN.  Stay tuned.

Happy sailing,

Adm. Denise, Capt Barry and deckhands Bella and Bailey.

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