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Monday, February 11, 2013

While the below is our motto, our boat name "0 Regrets" mirrows this motto. 


We plan the remainder of our lives along this motto.  We do not want to be sitting on the porch wishing we had done this or that. 

As anyone who has read only one post on this blog will know, we plan to skid into the final slip with the "woo hoo".  It is the ride that is important. 

I started another post entitled "Dogs and Diesel" but for the life of me I cannot recall why the title.  I understand the Dog part but have no idea where the diesel came from.  So, we will just  skip that idea.

As is my habit, I typically stay at Lake Barkley for an extra day and evening.  After all, Adm. Denise has a "real" job.  I just work on my own. YEAH!  So, I typically work from the condo with a break every so often for a doggy walk.  they need the exercise.  
Well, this is the best I can offer in February.  A sunny day with temp about 50 deg. F.  The "girls" and I were enjoying a wonderful walk along the shore.  The tide was out, must be a full moon.  So, we are enjoying our late morning walk, trying to imagine this is summer and boats are cruising the lake.  The Only boats we see are towboats with those 1,500 ft. barges attached.   But I must admit, I enjoy watching these giants ply the waters. 

While on this therapy walk, we spy the condo boat dock. It seems due to the low level of the Mississippi River, the Corp. of Engineers have continued to pour our water through the dams to support the river.  Then, what do you get, but a boat dock sitting in the mud.

So, As you can see, our courtsey dock is sitting in the mud.  We cannot get our boat here in summer more less in the winter pool months. We hope to extend the dock so the larger boats can visit.  We only have to find the $$$.   Well, our walk continued but nothing really exciting to report.  So, on the weekends I continue to plan our long range cruising, i.e. Bahams and beyond. 
The above photo is part of our hoped for cruising grounds. The winter and Spring in the Bahama waters has to be  more that perfect.  It is only 64 miles from Key Biscayne to Bimini and then onto the Grand Bahamas.  Sounds like a good cruise to me and no liquor bill at end fo the cruise.  Maybe I can get the Adm. Denise to come along for the cruise.  Afterall, Captn
Barry and the crew, Bella and Bailey will be on hand for the cruise.
Well, I suppose that is enough dreams for one evening.  I will continue to dream & plan for the escape from the "real" world.  So, here we are at the Lake Barkley look out.  We hope to see you all on the water, soon.
Adm. Denise, Captn. Barry, Deckhands Bella and Bailey. 

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