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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Paducah Adventure

The waning days of winter brought us sunny skies, some wind and a great Saturday for venturing to Paducah, KY.  Since we are located in our Lake Barkley condo we have a quick drive to the "big city". 

No hurry today, Adm. Denise likes her morning sleepy time.  The girls, Bailey and Bella  and I were up at 6 am. for the morning coffee.  WORK, WORK WORK.  Bailey does look a bit sleepy here.  I did manage another gloss coat to finish our flag stanton for the boat transom.  I think that is 3 coates of stain and 3 coats of gloss.  This is my learning project in dealing with teak.  Next the hand rails on "0 Regrets". 

Yep, the old guy and beautiful lady walk the streets of Paducah about 1939.  Yes, I was a young man in those days, can you tell by my period hat?  I do not know where all these great cars came from but Bonnie and Clyde walked right by us.   

We ventured to Paducah with no real plans except lunch and a wine tasting.  Well, I suppose that is a plan. We had a good lunch at Shanties with a very attentive waiter.  The wine tasting would come later but prior to that we had a good red wine with our lunch.  You know a glass of wine at lunch really smooths out the rest of the afternoon.  I suggest everyone try this during the work week, keeping a happy face remainder of the day.

What do you do when the TRAIN is bearing down on you?  Well, let's just say the laundry bag will be a bit full.  This vintage steam locomotive is located along the wall on Water Street, which is adjacent to the Ohio River.  Makes sense. 

The flood wall above protects downtown Paducah from a raging Ohio River.  The gapes in the wall are closed by flood gates when needed and this wall has worked great in past years.  The city commissioned artists to paint murals in each panel of the wall which greatly improved the view along the river.  Now we are lobbying for a sea wall or some docking along the river so we can bring our boat down river for a weekend visit. Many boaters in Kentucky and Lake Barkley would frequent the downtown if docking was available.
This is the view of a barge loaded with concrete which appears to be the only "dock" along the Paducah riverfront.  While this may work we do not know if it will be there this summer.  I do not know how good security may be in evenings when all is dark along the river.  Maybe a call to City Hall will answer that question. 
The above is the view looking up river from the flood wall. The City of Paducah could benefit from a developed riverfront with this view.  I would imagine condos and various businesses could take advantage of this Ohio River view. 
Well another day has passed with warm sun and a great afternoon in the company of Lady Denise.  I have bets that tomorrow will be very bit as good.  Y'all come along for the boat rides this summer, starting April 1.  
Happy Sailing,
Adm. Denise, Capt Barry, Deckhands Bailey and Bella.  

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