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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Heart of Suwannee

You just never know what lies down the road.  Today was one of the hardest driving days of my two year RV career.   Due to the lovely Atlanta congestion, traffic and speed I am quite tired this evening.  Trying to locate a suitable landing spot for this evening proved to be difficult.  I did not want to land in a Wal Mart parking lot (if they will let you stay) nor did I want to push all the way to Tampa. 

Having my trusty traveling Dog who has no computer skills, I relied upon the ultimate "tech", Lady Denise.  Having landed in a KOA last evening, she searched for another KOA along I-75.  Alas, few are found in this part of Florida.  One was located but after my call I felt like it was another old facility owned by those of foreign lands.  Lady Denise forged ahead and make numerous calls on my behalf but pickins were slim. 

Therefore, I resorted to another high tech method of discovery, the highway billboards dotting the Florida landscape.  Who would have thunk it.  Just when I was deciding to push to Lazy Days in Tampa, an additional 200 miles, a large sign loomed ahead.  In grand , red letter, RV Resort jumped out.  Advertised as one of the newest and best resorts in the Gateway to Florida I called the 800 number.  Exit NOW as I approached exit 451. Nothing ventured, right.

Well exit 451 lead to Highway 129 south/north.  Another call to the fine lady manager at RV resort.  She gave me directions and I was fortunately near the facility.  I may have gathered an inkling of concern when she said turn by the casino and travel one mile down the road, following signs.   OK!

Now I am not too picky when confronted with a necessity.  That being a stop over for some rest.  However, I turned by the big casino to an asphalt road only to be confronted by a sand and dirt road.   Sure enough the sign indicated RV resort ahead.  Now all I could view was the dirt road with water standing along the shoulders as far as the eye could see.  A prudent decision to stop and call was made.  Of course the same "friendly" lady answered.  I asked if a 32,000 lb motorhome could manage this dirt road and she put me on hold.  Oooops.  Upon returning she indicated that would be ok and follow signs to the RV resort.  I looked at Bella, she looked at me and we crossed fingers and paws, proceeding into the abis. 

An oasis appeared before us.  Here lay a modern RV resort with all amenities, including Direct TV to all sites with receivers if you do not have such.  The office is first class and the pool was being filled.  LUCY I'M HOME!.  What a surprise and respite.  It seems, after my inquiry, that the RV resort is two years old and still under development.   The resort is to be part of a large retirement community being developed over the next 10 years.  However, the view along the highway just past the casino (another story) reminded me of Interior, South Dakota population 45.  I do not have the foggiest where the developers anticipate the adult investors will appear or why, but I am very glad I ventured down that dirt road.

Enough said about my Gateway adventure. Tomorrow on to Lazy Days and walk through the new coach. We are excited.  Hopefully no dirt roads in the Phaeton future.

Happy trails,

Barry & Denise

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