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Friday, January 14, 2011

Day-5 Lonely Man Chronicles

I am in the midst of my last night as the Lonely Man.  I write this last article knowing the reading public may be over joyed with the realization that the boring, whining articles will end.  Of course, no warranty is made with respect to when the man will return to the subject.  Hopefully, readers will be spared. 

I find preparation is warranted for the return of Lady Denise.  The poparratzi have started arriving creating some wonder among the "mayors" of Homewood.  I fear the added exposure may have an unsettling affect of my Girls.  Bailey continues to bark and howl and Bella is running around crying while holding her "duckie".  Maybe the polar magnetic field move.  I do have yellow tape along the lot border in order to control the welcome home crowd.  After all, yellow tape seems to keep everyone out of a crime scene.

Now the interior of the castle is in need of some housekeeping.  Batching with the girls resulted in a lax attitude as relates to housekeeping.  Now that our fair Marion has retired, the maid has become the Lonely Man.  Believe me, I do not look good in that french maid uniform.  Therefore, the Lonely Man has embarked on policing the interior of the ship.  I tend to specialize in the kitchen duties, but the bathroom detail required more dedication than I anticipated.  Man the buckets, highly toxic chemicals, and rubber gloves.  D-day has begun.

Now a home with over 2,000 Sf of hardwood and free ranging dogs required some maintenance.  I do not have enough hair to claim the fallout I am witnessing.  Lady Denise would be appalled.  The hair ball bonefire in the back yard may derail the latest CSX train.  I have at my disposal 3 vacuums, 3 swifter brooms, cans of Lysol, swifter pads, room freshers and buckets of hot water.  If I only knew what to do with this.  I bet this wood is treated and water proof.  Reckon "maids R us" will be open on Saturday. 

After this difficult period the Lonely Man has survived.  Those long hours at 3am taking the small dog out, eating cereal, watching old movies and trying to return to sleep are over.  I have not learned to enjoy the "ME TIME".  I owe much of my survival to the ciber friends on Facebook, blog readers and a few glasses of wine.  I apologize for the long rambling articles but the venting may have relieved some of the stress of being the Lonely Man.  Super hero status is difficult to attain. 

I promise I will enter this space often to provide travel details, interesting characters we meet and life experiences. 

"Enjoy Life, there is plenty of time to be dead."

Lonely Man. 

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