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Sunday, January 2, 2011


The new year always brings to mind those areas of interest that may have been over looked in the past year.  However, that does not seem to be a problem with the "Rubber Rats"  It is not that we are so attuned to interests of others, but a bit more selfish with our time.  As one ages, it seems time becomes more important than $$$$.  Not that $$ are not needed. 

In thinking about 2010 and starting some plans for 2011, our thoughts generally turn to travel locations.  As we have been battling some health issues, we hope they are resolved soon and we can work on a solid itinerary for 2011.  Not that we need a fixed plan, but we have found it fun to plan trips for the year.  THEREFORE, TO THE READERS OF OUR BLOG, WE ASK YOU TO SUBMIT COMMENTS/SUGGESTIONS FOR WEEKEND TRIPS AND THE LONGER TRIPS WE UNDERTAKE EACH YEAR. 

Our life philosophy has evolved over the years.  We now try to live for today and not tomorrow.  We plan to enjoy all we have available to us NOW!  I suppose that will seem selfish to some.  But we see this attitude reflects a desire to have all the experiences possible in the time available.  Being the "eldest" of this couple this attitude may in part stem from the aging process and realization that we are all mortal.  I learned this in 1969 with a bit of experience in Southeast Asia.  

In recent years we have met so many wonderful friends and characters in our travels.  We are currently in the motorhome for a weekend journey and realize how much we missed this life after two months in dry dock. The Admiral is home again.    We are currently considering trading for a new motorhome, however, the Admiral will always and may continue to be our first vehicle to explore this country. 

Our long range plan is to be "full time" travelers with a small home base.   During the winter months, the travel is a bit more limited.  However, if plans become reality, winter in a warm climate may be possible in not so many years.  Following the sun seems to be a favorite pastime for the vagabonds we meet along the highway.  Of course all the best plans are subject to change.  Work, health, finances, family and all the things life is comprised of fill our everyday.  We just hope to be able to manage the areas we can and work with all the events that one cannot foresee.  

So, please come along with the "Rubber Rats" during the 2011 trip along the byways of this great country. Please post comments in the blog and we ask for traveling suggestions. 

Happy Trails,
Barry & Denise

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