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Monday, January 10, 2011

Lonely Man Chronicles

Day 1:    

The oneness of the lonely man wandering the vacant habitat must be like the cave man arriving home only to find some hair, bones and no goodbye note.  My first day alone with Lady Denise embarking on a well deserved cruise was just as anticipated.  The first day seems to pass with great speed.  I had my daughter Maggie here and felt a slow morning was possible.  Alas, I had just started by vigilance at the Kangaroo when Maggie called demanding delivery of the auto.  Feels like she is still a teen.

Without transportation I must resign myself to the activities of work, dogs and home.  Now, having just replaced a 61 yr. old knee, walking dogs in sub freezing is just great.  You know the part, where the dogs pull you through the leaves, mud and dog droppings.  Life will never be the same.  I do not crave "me time" very often.    We circumnavigateted the neighborhood trailing dogs and looking for signs left by the fleeing wife.  Dogs discovered some smells but I discounted those for my Lady Denise does not smell.

A was given a reprieve early in the afternoon.  My Lady called needing her Robin Hood to help with lost luggage and medications.  I can only hope my efforts gained the results she requested.  The ship was ready to sail and Lady Denise was throned on the veranda of the suite awaiting the rum drink of the cruise.  Now I call that a sacrifice.  

The first day proceeded slowly.  The Lonely Man worked as much as possible.  Interspersing work with household chores in order to break the silence.  Baily and Bella are not talkative. Like the stranded sailor on a small island, I worked on survival.  One must capture the moments.  Like, collecting trash, walking dogs, programming TV, planning evening meal and returning wrong number calls. 

Evening was spent watching championship football game, again walking Bella and cooking my gourmet pasta dish.  There is something to be said for "me time" but I prefer to share mine.  Only 4 more evenings to go till the Lady Denise returns.  Well, Bailey looks interesting, Bella continues to entertain and Max just sleeps. What more could I want. 

Nite Nite.

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  1. I do wish to inform everyone that my father who refered to me as a "demanding teen" forgot in a 24hr period that he had promised me the car to get to a Dr. apt hmmmmm so should we move on now to the drop him off at the VA with a tag around his neck due to alzheimer's?? What do you think?? hahaha