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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day-4 Lonely Man Chronicles

Day 4 dawned at 5:30 am for a trip to the Nashville Airport.  Nurse Young must make her way returning to frozen Boston.  Like most Fathers, I have enjoyed visiting with Daughter.  But always remember, "even family smells like fish after three days".  The latest report was she was stranded in Washington, DC  with an over booked flight to Boston.  Air travel is wonderful these days. 

The test of the Lonely Man is this evening.  All that remains in the castle is the Lonely Man and his Girls.  Of course I begin this piece early, lounging with the Girls, small glass of vino and watching Alaska Wilderness shows.  You know, people killing and eating goats, bear, fish etc.  But they do have some company. 

Whine, whine and whine.  I did talk to Lady Denise brifely today.  Lady and Mother Superior have arrived in Jamaica at last.  Unfortunately, not all luggage arrived limiting medications etc.  Off to the island.  The Lady inidicated she had experienced sea sickness, yuck.  Only 3,000 passengers and the Lady is hanging over the side.  Watch out below the veranda. Hopefully this does not limit dancing the salza at the disco.  I suggested she call the Vet but cautioned about the thermometers.  I understand they have much "wildlife" on the ship. We wish a better day for Lady Denise with more rum drinks, breakfast on the veranda, wind in her face and sun over her shoulder.

As the evening of Day-4 ends, I am considering the hot tub for a good soak.  I bet the heart monitor would roar.  Maybe the monitoring company will call to make sure I am not in need of 911.  You can imagine my response, "well, the water temp is 104 deg. dogs are lapping at the edge and fishin is good."  I can always wave at the CSX train passing in the night.      You would think the Lonely Man had plenty of company. 

Good Night, Lady Denise, where ever you are,
Lonely Man

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