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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 2, Chronicles of a Lonely Man

From the thoughts of Bailey and Bella,

Day 2 dawned with my sister and I waking up the Lonely Man.  Now, this was only 2 hours after he woke us up at 4 am.  We feel he is having difficulty sleeping.  But PLEASE, do not wake us up at 4 am just because he is lonely.  Give us a break.  We miss Lady Denise as well but do not have the seperation anxiety.  

I think Bella is getting really short with Lonely Man.  At bedtime last night she jumped up on the bed, circled the leg pillow and peed all over it.  It was obvious she has reach her limit.  Lonely Man responded quickly but did not commit any pet abuse.  But he had it coming and Bella just sensed this was her way to kick his butt.  However, to make matter worse, she spent the night next to me and she has a habit of hogging the pallet.  

We are a bit worried about Lonely Man not only for his separation problems but his ongoing heart problems.  We continue to be concerned about his current behavior.  We witnessed him wiring himself tonight with something with electric power, beepers, buzzes and many wires.  He did have an unusual look in his eyes.  Watching this Lonely Man shave part of this chest and attach these wires to his chest is just weird.  After all, we chew bones, bark at any movement, chase toys and eat out of bowls, but wires and batteries, not a chance.  911 is available to us but we have not learned to operate the cell phone.  I suppose we can ring the "pee" bell at the front door but not sure who will respond.

Well, Day 2 is nearly over and Lonely Man is looking tired.  We hope Lady Denise is having fun and enjoying the warm climate.  We will fill her in upon her return.  Lonely Man may be in the large kennel at the vet but he will be safe. 

Happy trails to all

Tail Wagging dogs,
Bailey and Bella

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