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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day-3 Lonely Man Chronicles

I write this piece with a bit of disappointment. I have always put much faith and trust in my Girls, Bailey and Bella.  However,  I have learned, much to my dismay, they have been writing on this blog with disparaging remarks about the Lonely Man.  Hurtful is all I can explain my feeling while reading their so called article.  I can only hope their immaturity contributed to the opinions expressed in the article.

Maybe I should explain the current daily activities to give the readers a glance of their activities and the responsibilities of the Lonely Man.  Not that I would fail to give the Girls credit for their love and care of the Lonely Man.  However, at times, like any parent, doubt creeps in. 

Currently, at this moment, the Girls are sleeping on the couch adjacent to the Lonely Man, Bailey is softly snoring.  Their day began at 7 am, waking the Lonely Man, pouncing on his chest, needing food and a trip outside.  Now, bless their hearts, they do not appreciate my dressing, walking them into the frigid cold waiting for a pee.  Their's not mine.  After a trip to Antarctica, I provided a nourishing meal, water and kind praise for the Girls.  Did I get a thank you, NO.  The remainder of their day proceeded with lounging on the couches, chasing each other and providing love to the Lonely Man.  What a day.

Now, the Lonely Man invested his day in the installation of a heart monitor.  Must be like a federal witness wiring up for a secret assignment.  Shaving portions of the chest, installing electrodes and dialing up the monitoring company, issues of the day.  Later, due to the grueling work schedule of the Lonely Man, he traversed the snow drifts, frozen tundra and inspected a Mc Mansion.  You know it is cold when you stick to the garage door as the home is measured. 

Later in the evening Lonely Man provided food, water and another tour of the front yard for the Girls.  Only a loving man would provide such care to the Girls.  After all, they do have fur coats.  Having slaved over a hot stove, and crock pot, the evening meal is prepared awaiting the Nurse Maggie to return.  In the ensuing period, the heart monitor must be connected to the UPPER POWERS for analysis.  It does give one pause when the UPPER POWERS ask you to repeat the transmission and call back to say they are contacting your doctor.  HUM,  wonder why the Dr. has not called???? 

So as the Lonely Man sees this reality, he has risked his life, professional career and cared for the Girls as part of this typical day.   If I had followed my Girls advice I would have hurried to the Animal Hospital for an EKG and an evaluation.  They only have this experience and have faith in their Vet.  Now, I did have a Vet doctor once in my short life.  He could predict certain illness, joint pain and prostate issues.  However, each visit was more difficult due to the chaffing of the mussel and the thermometers tasted funny.  I would not encourage you to try this experience or treatment out on you health insurance carrier.  Anthem did not appreciate the claim. 

At the end of this writing, my Girls continue sleeping at my side, content.  I continue to be the Lonely Man.  My lady Denise is hopefully sipping a rum drink on the veranda of their suite while watching the Atlantic flow past.  I can only hope she will think of me while tripping away the evening in the disco.  So, life for the Lonely Man continues with pressing issues and longing for Lady Denise.  The Lonely Man wishes for rest, recuperation and fun for the Lady Denise and Mother Superior.

Wishing Lady Denise a fun cruise,

" Lonely Man"

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