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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Arrival of the Phaeton

Stationed in Tampa at Lazy Days RV waiting for new motorhome to be readied.  We are staying in the Phaeton adjacent to the Admiral.  As is normal with any RV there are things needing attention.  We surveyed the "ship" with Buddy the tech and found a few items.  Later, we discovered other items.  Lazy Days has not hesitated to repair or replace items, but this does take time.  After all, they sold 600 units in January and we are only one. 

We are more than happy with the Phaeton.  The motorhome is everything we anticipated and more.  We will be living in this home eventually.  As much as we loved the Admiral the Phaeton has it beat.  We are temporary members of the Crown Club based on recommendations of your salesperson Susan.   Susan is great.  She is more than attentive and helpful for us.  We are parked across the drive from John Oates who is buying a motorhome.  I did not gloat, but our home is much better than his.  Size does matter. Maybe the breakup was difficult.  We are located with multi-million $ motorhomes and it is good to be the little fish in the big pond.  The Crown Club takes great care of us. We have 3 meals a day and cocktails noon and evening.  The only bar I have frequented which costs a minimum of $200,000 to enter.  No one in the bar has spent less that $200,000.  No wonder they buy our drinks. 

This is moving up to the EAST SIDE.    As Mark Twain said, "Enjoy Life, you have plenty of time to be Dead."  This has become our motto.   We are not waiting for retirement, lottery or some lucky fluke.  We are enjoying the life and making the most of this time.  We are told an ice storm is anticipated for Madisonville in the next few days. We do not intend to be a victim of the ice again.  Destin or or lower Alabama is starting to look good.  We might even stay in the Tampa area.

Well, here we are on Sunday evening still in the new coach at Lazy Days.  The issues with the coach are diminishing daily.  We have the 4th television installed and working, a part of the storm is ordered and we hope the electrical issue is solved.  That could be a story in itself.  We have met many interesting people while here and many have commented on the beauty of the Phaeton.  We have yet to drive a mile but we hope to be underway Monday.  We continue to watch the weather forecast for home as it appears an ice and winter storm may be moving into the area.  We shall see.

Happy trails,

Barry & Denise

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