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Friday, February 25, 2011

Land Locked

We returned from our short adventure to Mammouth Cave area last weekend and managed to install the Phaeton back into the "barn".  I did have to meet the local constabulary, sheriff deputy for an inspection to make sure I did not steal the RV in Florida and manage to sneak into Kentucky.  Also, and most insulting, I had to meet the Kentucky Fire Marshall Rep. at the barn to inspect the Phaeton.  Now, I ask you how much risk can there be associated with a 2009 RV other than normal things that can cause a fire.  Well, $60 later and much talk he gave me a great sticker to install on the Phaeton, (not happening) and said have fun.  I had to drink two ciders while he was there just to keep from slapping him.  Oh well.  Must be the stimulus plan.

Anyhow, I hate it that our Phaeton is installed in the barn for the next two weeks.  I may have to pull it out and just camp there a night or two.  I do have to find the satellite problem for I do not want to pay for another tech visit. The last visit he had all working and when we arrived in Cave City the dreaded "no LNB voltage" signal occurred.  Go figure.  So, we have all working except the HD satellite and we continue to Rough It Smoothly.

We do have plans to help our friends on their Maiden Voyage of their new horse trailer, with accommodations.  We have reservations at the Wrangler Camp in the Land Between the Lakes for a good weekend of fun and horse back riding.  We like this brand of riding. They trailer the horses, wash them, muck the stalls, feed them and install the saddles. We just have to mount and ride.  My kind of horsey fun.

The new year of camping adventure is upon us and I am trembling with anticipation.  We plan a weekend trip to Keenland Racing for dry camping in the bus parking area.  Great, we can walk to the track, play the ponies, drink adult beverages then walk back to bus and start the BBQ.   Now that is my idea of camping.

We have opened a new, benevolent account at a local bank.  Since the price of diesel fuel has rocketed near $4.00 gallon, our new ministry is in need of donations.  The mobile ministry will see that any contributions are tax deductible with an appropriate receipt provided.  We will have numerous "cans" installed at truck stops and any service facility selling diesel fuel for your contributions.  You may visit this blog site to ask which particular charity you would like the ministry to service.  We only ask that you stay in touch with our blog and follow the progress of your contributions.  Thanks in advance for your support.  If I have offended anyone with this plan, let me know and we will spend your contribution as a fuel facility of your choosing.

That said, we will be traveling the hills and dales of this great country during 2011 and will continue to entertain (bore) you with our journey.  Please feel free to join our expeditions anytime during the year.

Happy trails,

Barry & Denise with Bailey and Bella

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  1. You probably have the right idea, ask for donations along the way for only fuel. lol Great blog! We hope to see you soon in a nearby park.