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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Busy Work

OUCH!!! This picture give new meaning to "dry camping".  As provided by a fellow blogger, I could not resist the temptation to include in this post.  It is my understanding the poor fellow was trying to sell his motor home and demonstrate to a potential buyer that he could launch a boat with the coach. Well, the coach slide down a wet ramp and you can see the result.  He did not get the sale.   That would be an interesting call to the insurance agent.

Busy work for me today was "stuff" at the new Phaeton while in dry dock.  This included trying to get the satellite to work and failed.  I did manage to change plumbing connections at "entertainment center" for quick connection at water and flushing connections.    While this is a simple procedure, I take great pride in any task completed.  I even managed to reconnect the fire extinguisher the fine Fire Marshall required me to demonstrate during the mandatory inspection.  Hey, it is now secure.  I did grease the car hitch as installation will be a smooth task, since my Lady Denise wanted a 42 ft. coach in a 42 ft. garage.  But no complaints here.

I continued tasks by carefully installing a "bumper pad" on the post upon which I must touch the nose of the coach in order to install in the garage.  An old work towel and duct tape did very well.  I cannot see the portion which must touch the frame of the garage so I just pull forward until the coach stops.  Thus far no body damage.  I wonder if the owner of the garage would permit me to cut a hole in the overhead door for the hitch to extend out?  PROBABLY NOT.

I am ashamed of the exterior condition of the Phaeton.  The drive from Cave City and much rain caused much spatter on the coach.  Alas, no water connection at the garage.  I will give her a bath in front of our home prior to the next adventure.  I am sure my neighbors will appreciate the hosing of the coach in our street.  For you see, I cannot get the monster in our driveway.  Maybe they will help me.

Well another blog has been authored, much to the surprise of my many readers.  Our next planned voyage is to the Wrangler Campground at Land Between the Lakes (Barkley and Kentucky) to assist our friends in the maiden voyage of their new horse trailer with living accommodations.  I know, they are uninformed for they want us to assist in their training and breaking the first things on their trailer.  We do so much want to be of help.
Happy trails,

Barry, Denise, Bailey and Bella

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