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Monday, February 21, 2011

Tunnel Vision

Another great day in the Phaeton.  We continued our string of "Great Adventures" by visiting a portion of Mammoth Cave.  Well, when in Cave City you do cave things, right. 

Back to being about 10 year old again.  Now, Mother Denise helped this recovering, knee sore sort by picking the 2 mile, 480 steps up tour.  She was a bit worried about my mobility but a helping hand and encouragement made the difference.  Besides, who wants to be left behind in the dark in a cave of 392 miles.  NOT ME. 

A leisurely morning followed by a Mexican lunch and a cave tour.  Now, that is a good Sunday.  We can recommend you visit Mammouth Cave prior to school summer break to avoid the crowds. Our tour group was about 60 while the normal size is 120.  Dress warm for the cave is about 55 degrees all year.  We did have fun watching the young boys running around in awe of the massive cave while collecting some rock samples.  I would have joined them but this "10" year old could not keep up.

Now there are portions of the cave where it pays to be a bit short.  Denise had to duck more than I and we had fun at "fat man's missery" area.  We did have a short wait while we found some lard to help a fellow traveler through a very narrow portion of the cave.   Mission accomplished, we made our way through this narrow portion.  Unlike Mr. Houchen who died in the cave in the late 1800's.  I think his ghost continues some of the tours.

We plan to continue our tours of Mamouth Cave in coming trips.  We want to encourage all to tour the longest cave system in the world.  The down home feel of Cave City and the national park makes for a great trip.  See Jeff at the Cave City RV park for a great experience and try the local restaurants.  You might not mention my name to the park ranger for I did create a stir when I tried to steal his "Smokey Bear" hat. 

Happy trails,

Barry & Denise

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