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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Corvetts and Cave Country

We could not resist the temptation to drag the Phaeton out of the barn after the departure of all the snow.  This respite from the frozen tundra may be short but we plan to take advantage.  We departed and arrived on Friday at the Cave Country RV Park for a much needed 3 day weekend. 
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Now, a diesel engine is new to us but we do know they need fuel on occassion.  We stoped at the Mortons Gap Pilot leaving Madisonville only to find all diesel pumps closed.  An attendant notified us they did not have diesel fuel.  Now, we had sufficient fuel to make Cave City but many long haul trucks were turning around  without fuel.  Now,  am I the only personn who would be astounded that a "truck stop" had no diesel fuel?  We rolled into Cave City in the dark, but rested and paid a visit to the adjoining Cracker Barrell.
Fuel will wait till Monday.

Today, Saturday,we ventured to Bowling Green for the required visit to Camping World and then on to the Corvette Museum.  Now I am not nor have I ever been a car guy.  The mystic of the Corvette followed me from childhood into the door of the museum.  I recall being about 12 yrs. old, cleaning Oakdale Pool and being in awe of the red corvette parked at our fence.  The image remains clear.  Two hot chicks sitting on the seat backs talking to the "older" life guards while we scrubbed the pool.  Well you know, the last laugh.  We rinsed the pool with a fire hose and some how the hose became wild and sprayed much water into the night sky only to fall across the Vet.  12 yr olds can get wild to. 

Touring the museum makes one realize the imagination and inginuity of the american engineer.  The designers fell in love with the concept and created a dream for most of us.  My most memorable Vet is the 1953, first year Vet.  The design was simple but a revolution was born.  I knew I would never be able to afford a Vet, but later at age 16 I almost talked by Grandfather Young into a 1966 Camaro.  I believe they were about $3,600, NEW.  I failed in that attempt.  My father indicated later that if I had succeeded O. A. Young would have made me return the car when he sombered up.  Probably best I failed.

So, take the time when near Bowling Green to step back in time and visit the Corvett Museum.  The only museum in the world created for one model of vehicle.  But I hope you do not need diesel fuel as you pass the Pilot at Mortons Gap.

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