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Monday, March 21, 2011

Collins Maiden Voyage

Life seldom presents an opportunity to mentor a young couple in ways that reflect your life style and values.  However, this past weekend we had the pleasure of such an experience.  We can only hope the experience was a pleasure for the Collins. 

The Collins family are "horsey", not unusual in Kentucky.  They are not old hats at the RV camping experience.  This brings to fore, the Youngs.  Now, we are not "horsey" but we do enjoy watching horse owners work day and night on their steeds.  We just relax and have an extra glass of wine and encourage their work.  Our close friends, Joe and Staci Collins purchased a new and first horse trailer with living quarters.  That would be quarters for humans in addition to the horses.  Let the Grisswald moments begin!

A long planned weekend began on Friday for the Collins Clan.   The diesel truck was attached to the new trailer, food was stored, tack at the ready and almost all was ready.  Wait!  Who has the keys?  A late night foray for keys discovered the lack of a key to the water compartment.  WOW.  Off they went to the dealer in search of a key.  Alas, all was saved when the Dealer instructed the nomads that they could open the water bay door with just a lift.  Joe had to return home while Ms. Staci, the horse woman, proceeded to the Dealer in search of the key.  It seems boys and Joe left all bedding etc. at home. 

Alas, they arrived rather late to the Wrangler Campground in the Land Between the Lakes all smiles and ready to rumble.  Wait, who can back the trailer into the camp site?  Joe, Staci, Gabe, or Noah?  After much discussion, the MAN of the family, Joe, took the task at heart and began the skillful task of backing the trailer.  I must admit, after receiving directions from at least 12 angles, Joe managed to park the trailer perfectly.  Staci must have been proud and the two boys were not embarrassed.  Not a single horse had been injured.

The Collins Bunch had been born.  They were camped  adjacent to our site within full view of the experienced wrangler/campers in the area.  Never the less, they proceeded to set the trailer, remove horses, muck the trailer and bed down horses for the nights.  I did hear the call of the wild, "beer thirty" SOON after the positioning of the trailer.  The living area was readied with sleeping bags and limited food.  Food must have been an after thought.  What do you feed two teen age boys, oats?  Instructions began!  You know the necessary items.  Like how do you turn on the frig, heat,water, sewer connection etc.  This is fodder for the Grisswald experiences.  I will not describe the Grisswald experiences, for the Collins Bunch may have the guts to post this on their blog.  I would not want to expose the guilty without permission.

Well, to finish the weekend.  All seemed to enjoy the adventure.  You know, getting in a "cat fight" with a fellow rider over a stall assignment. Drinking from a creek with horse manure all around. Trying to build a fire with a dull hachet and of course no matches. Wondering how do I reach the sewer connection with only a 8 ft. hose. Can I sleep by the fire at below freezing temps?  What happens if I pull the wrong valve release on the sewer connections?  How do you back this thing anyway?  I think all readers will appreciate the nurturing and mentoring required of the Youngs.  But all said, we had a ball.  Nothing like experience along the road.  If only they would let us ride those horses.  I did bring my best Stetson for the event.

Happy Trails,

Barry, Denise, Bailey and Bella

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  1. :-) well now I can't wait for our Maiden Voyage LOL!
    After reading this our Maiden Voyage is going to be 15 minutes from home at Audubon Park!!