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Monday, August 23, 2010

Yellowstone Party

We entered Yellowstone Ntl. Park at the East entrance. The drive over the Bighorn Mountains and to Yellowstone is impressive. Cody would be a good stop over for an entertaining evening, particularly the rodeo. However, we were more interested in Yellowstone.

Entering the park cost $50. for an annual pass which is needed for more that 7 days stay. It is also good at the Grand Tetons so we purchased the annual pass. The Fishing Bridge RV park is 27 miles from the East entrance. However, a beautiful drive. The Fishing Bridge Park is the only park in Yellowstone to accommodate up to a 40 ft. RV. The sites are "tight" but passable. We discovered you are not in the campground except to sleep. We traveled all the Yellowstone roads and viewed the park except the very northern Portion. This required a number hours driving but you can take advantage of the many turnouts and the roads are excellent. Look for people stopping and viewing some creatures. We were fortunate to photo Elk, Deer, Grisly and Black Bear, Wolf, Coyote, and Prairie Dog. The Bison are every where and easily aggravated.

We made a point to view several of the lodges, all built many decades ago. We were most impressed with the Lake Lodge along Lake Jackson and the Roosevelt Lodge in the northern portion of Yellowstone. These accommodations are fairly reasonable at about $150/night plus food. But for a few days an entertaining stay. The Lodge at Grand Tetons is another story.

We ventured to all parts of the park and were most impressed with the Lamar Valley near the northeast entrance and the Madison Area at the West entrance area. The meadows are spectacular to say the least. The beauty is such that it seems you are whispering and catching your breath at each turn. We desperately wanted to launch our kayaks in the meadow creeks or rivers, but alas there is only one small area where canoes and kayaks are permitted. It did not seem worth the effort. The ranger explained they did not have enough rangers to pull the bodies out each year. Of course I commented we cannot protect all from themselves 24/7.

The upper and lower falls in the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone are impressive. This was one of my must sees. I was not disappointed. The canyon is vast and the lower falls are 300 ft. Much large than the upper falls. We did not walk the trail but viewed from above. Too much to see in only 4 days. We will return for about a week and hike, explore and find more of Yellowstone.

Please, please, take the time to explore Yellowstone. The views are awe inspiring and you will understand the grandeur of this county.

happy trails,

Barry & Denise

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