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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Boulder Co. - The Republic

We arrived in Boulder area and stayed in the Dakota Ridge Campground in Golden, Co. This is only 20 miles south of Boulder. As Becky described Boulder, "3 square miles surrounded by reality". We relied on Ms. Becky to introduce us to Boulder.

No for those who have not had the opportunity, Boulder is like an upscale college town with a good supply of Weed. That is right Weed. As we walked Pearl Street it seemed 50% of those we encountered were "happy". The community is wealthy, educated and free spirited. Legal Weed sales are plentiful and the community endorses a free life style. However, the high education level, good employment opportunities and a thriving college community mixed with wonderful weather and mountains makes Boulder an attractive community.

While Becky toured us around Boulder, we heard more about Nederland. This is referred to as "ned". Becky escorted me to Ned and I must say it is more relaxed than Boulder, if that is possible. Ned is the home of the Frozen Dead Guy Festival. It seems a wealthy resident had himself frozen solid at death and they continue a festival annually with hearse parades featuring the dead guy. Now I ask you, were can you beat these opportunities. Ned is about 8,500 ft. elevation and above Boulder. The drive up to Ned is beautiful with a river and many camping and boating opportunities. The small community features many head shops, hippie style clothing shops and art exhibits. I understand there is a small "wookie" community.

Now all must partake of the Boulder experience. We managed to hit Pearl Street for food and drink, the Saturday Farmers Market which was more about entertainment than food and the Nederland experience. All was a good experience. Later I was escorted up Flatiron Mountain for rock climbing at its Best. Now this old, fat guy was along for encouragement and provided some beer. The young set included Matt Henderson and His finance' Rosie who are the expert climbers. Watching Matt scale 150 ft. up like a monkey was a wonder. Becky and Chris climbed and I just offered encouragement. Hell, the hike up did me in at the over 9,000 altitude. But, what fun with these healthy, energetic young adults. Makes me want to live part of that over.

I would suggest all visit Boulder and Nederland. This hiking, kayaking, food and night life is excellent. The 3 square miles surrounded by reality is fun. As they say in Boulder, " we live our bubble"!

Happy Trails,

Barry and Denise

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