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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Blackhills and Custer Park - Day 4

After traveling hard for 3 days we ventured into the Black Hills and Custer State Park for a visit to Crazy Horse Mountain sculpture and Mt. Rushmore. As evidenced by the photos posted on Denise's Facebook, the views and mountain roads are stunning.

Our day adventure began in the Badlands for about 1.5 hour drive to the Black Hills. Entering the Custer Park gave us a glimpse of the day ahead. I would estimate a minimum of 200 motorcycles waiting to enter and pay for the pass. This was one occasion that being in a vehicle sped up the service. The roads cross the park and several narrow, very narrow tunnels must be navigated. One lane road through the tunnels and most had traffic control people to prevent the over sized vehicles. The tunnels are about 10 ft. high and 8-9 ft. wide. Great for the Harley's.

Crazy horse Monument is a view. If you visit, always see the movie. The dedication of the original sculpture who I believe carved for 47 years prior to his death for little or no $$. His wife and 10 children continue to project today. To get a feel for the size of Crazy horse, the Mt. Rushmore carving would fit into the face of Crazy horse.

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The journey continued to Sylvan Lake for a one hour paddle in the kayaks. Wonderful mountain lake with granite natural dam and blue skies. The water was about 65 degrees. A perfect break for lunch and entertainment out of the car.

Returning to the Badlands KOA was a scenic drive again at sunset. The reds appear in the rock formations (once the sea floor) and temps at about 70 degrees and falling. Strong winds from the south west are most typical. This evening we plan to gravel the Sage Creek Rim Road at dusk in search of sheep, prairie dogs, antelope and all other creatures. Hopefully, more pic posts will appear on facebook.

Tommorow is the continue journey to Yellowstone and the Big Horn Mountain Pass.

Happy Trails,

Barry & Denise

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  1. I just came across an old post of mine of when I met you at the Badlands KOA. Do you remember? We were staying a cabin on that trip, our motorhome of the moment was in Manitoba for repairs.