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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Western Migration - Day 1

We arrived in Independence, MO. late afternoon on Friday 8/6/2010. We managed about 500 miles the first leg of our trip and were more than ready to stop. Due to my expert planning, we settled in a small campground in the middle of a Reform Morman Campus. Go figure!

The campground was perfect for a short stay and staff more than helpful. Unknown to us, we were in view of the Spire of the Community of Christ Church International. See the attached pics. Harry Truman would be proud of his hometown. The town was so clean you could eat of the side walks. We met two couples who are traveling many states this summer. They truly had much more experience than us Rubber Rats.
Tomorrow we plan to continue the expedition toward Sioux Falls, S.D. Another 400+ mile days but this will put us in position for a short 3rd. day to the Badlands. We plan to stay at Interior, SD for 3 nights and they push on to Yellowstone. All seems well with coach, dogs and the plains. We are not accustomed to this wide open country with constant wind and very few tree. However, the farms here are about the size of Kentucky.

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