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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Gunsmoke - Boot Hill

The return journey continued into the wilds of Kansas. Now, my plan was not to travel the dreaded I-70 across the void of Kansas. After consultation with a 75 yr. old traveler at Dakota Ridge Campground in Golden, Co. I determined to drive Highway 54/400 across Kansas. This avoided I-70 and hopefully offered superior scenery.

Leaving Pueblo, Co. I found my way on a 4 lane, state highway East. I was determined to reach Dodge City, KS my first evening. I even drove standing up, that is right, upright, for several minutes to relax a bit. Arriving in Dodge City at the Gunsmoke Campground I slide into a site only ready to relax. Bailey and Bella rolled out of the Admiral roaming the wilds of the campground. The new smells were romantic to the girls.

I did ask the owner if any restaurants were within walking distance. However, his respond said it all, "the casino will send the shuttle to pick you up". Now, I called the Boot Hill Casino to inquire about free camping. They assured me I could camp free in the RV park. However, upon inquiry I discovered the RV park was the parking lot with no facilities. Also, being a bit tight with a $ I determined paying for a site at Gunsmoke Campground was less expensive than a visit to the Casino. RIGHT!

We relaxed at Gunsmoke, but I did not find Miss Kitty. I suspension Festus ran of with Ms. Kitty when Marshall Dillon was not watching.

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The next AM we rolled out to Highway 54/400. I checked the GPS and discovered my next TURN was in 300 miles. So, on we ventured along this highway. Well, the trip was none eventful but I did meet a traveler that has all the complicated parts eliminated. This traveler was stopped at a rest stop in rural Kansas. He had traveled to California and most western states in the reverse tear drop. What a simple rig. Becky would be proud to make her way across the US in such a rig.

Onward I travel home to Kentucky. Traveling the less trodden path is rewarding and I-70 Is not one of the less trodden. I would recommend Hwy. 54/100 across southern Kansas into Missouri.

Happy "Trails,

Barry & Denise

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