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Thursday, August 26, 2010

South Dokata Trail

We have begun our journey back to Kentucky. Reluctantly we leave this mountains for the hills of home. We will travel down mountain to the plains of Wyoming on our journey to visit Becky in the Republic of Boulder. In our rear view mirror are the views we enjoyed and the pull of the mountains. We will return.

Our journey takes us to a vast plain of Southern Wyoming down Highway 191 south of Jackson Hole. As beautiful as the mountains are, the vast plains remain inspiring. One wonders how the settlers ventured across these plains in winter and heat westward. The winds are constant and strong. Tumbleweed must be the state flower. We plan to venture to RV World along Highway 80 East. Now RV World is a bit of an exaggeration. The park is good and just off I-80. World is another description. The park is located in Rawlins, WY. The area bustles with work from Sinclair oil and gas and railroads. The winds are constant blowing all along the highway. Grass is not existent and guarded if it exists. Trains here seem to reach the horizon which is miles in eithter direction.

The park is open all year however, the snow can be a problem. The snow fences are located along I-80 to prevent drifting. You know you are in snow country when you have chain lanes along the intestate. We stayed the evening and would recommend to all traveling the area.

So in your travels across southern Wyoming, this stop is good for the evening but do not expect entertainment. However, the evening sky is spectacular.

Happy trails,

Barry & Denise

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