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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Buffalo, WY and Bighorn Mountain Crossing

The expedition continues with the eventful crossing of the Bighorn Mountains. We chose to stay the evening in Buffalo, WY. to rest up from Badlands excursions and the drive. I managed to obtain some expert advice about which pass to cross and Highway 16, Powder Cloud Pass was the best. We had 7% grades but navigated the pass without brake or engine problems.

The views were just stunning. The pass reached 9,966 Ft. above sea level but our Admiral managed well. At one point we were full throttle, 4,500 RPM's and lower gear to generate 20 MPH. But the grade brake and gears took us down to Ten Sleep, Wy. We rested for lunch at the Ten Sleep Bar which was an interesting point for the day. The population is very small, however, they were preparing for NOTWOODSTOCK IX. We could not stay for the festival as Yellowstone was calling.

We pressed on to Yellowstone to the Fishing Bridge RV park 27 miles East of the East park entrance. This place is one large park. We arrived at Fishing Bridge in the early afternoon as the sky parted, rain ceased and sun greeted our arrival
View Yellowstone and Badlands Expedition in a larger mapal. The Fishing Bridge RV park is the only park in Yellowstone with utilities. However, this year no electrical service due to a rebuilding of the grid to upgrade to 50 amp., service. We used the generator morning and evening which was not a problem. Daily travel in Yellowstone was a priority and little time was spent at the motorhome. The sites are very close, but since we did not spend any number of hours there, not a problem. The best of the park is the location in the central portion of Yellowstone. All portions of Yellowstone can be accessed from Fishing Bridge and many service are available.

Our exploration of Yellowstone will continue in later postings. Internet and cell service is not available in Yellowstone with any reliability. We are catching the blog up from Grand Tetons Lodge. The journey will continue.

Happy trails,

Barry and Denise

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