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Monday, May 27, 2013

VA Project and MY SISTER!

After many months, sweat and my sister's $$$  the Va project began phase I.  She is a mountain to move and a formidable opponent should you choose to challenge her.  DO NOT ATTEMPT THE CHALLENGE.
Our father, Sgt. Young was a resident of the Va center for 3 years.  He did not want to be there, but who does?  However, if you have to be in a nursing home, this is the PLACE! 

The above pics will give you a view of the project Phase I.  We had a working group from each coast who volunteered their time and talent to the project.  The crew included 3 students from MTSU and professionals from across the US.   The Decorative Concrete Counsel is the group of professionals who selected this project, funded a great deal of this phase and generally made the day or I should say the week. 
The above folks are veterans living at the center. The center contains 126 beds and staff is well trained, compassionate and always friendly to our vets. The compass includes a number of symbols, oriented to North, not exact as one vet pointed out.
The above volunteers are best in the country and traveled from Washington State and California to participate in this project.  After all the hard work on broad areas of the concrete is came down to cue tips and very small brushes to stain the flag symbol. 
The above pic was taken by Denise from stern of 0 Regrets. A fitting scene to commemorate Memorial Day and salute all our veterans.  May they all make it to "Arlington".
Sail away,
Capt. Barry(US Navy), Adm. Denise and deckhands Bella and Bailey(Navy Waves) 

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